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Well, I got ONE thing done

Monday, September 16, 2013

Almost nothing I planned on got done this weekend. I did at least get the tub scrubbed. But what I'm most happy about is that I actually got my bulgur rolls baked today. My stand mixer "lost its virginity" after more than a year as a pretty counter decoration. I think I waited so long because of the old demon of not thinking I deserved to have it. But hey, I earned the money I paid for it honestly.

I was worried going in because the yeast has been in my cabinet for a long time and was a year past its "best before" date. However, when I put it into the warm milk and sugar the little beasties perked right up and went to work. And oh, how nice was it to have the stand mixer do the fifteen minutes of kneading for me! I don't know abut anybody else, but I really love the smell of yeast dough rising. (As a devout Alton Brown fan, I can't shake the hilarious image of the gleefully rude little sock puppets that used to represent yeast on Good Eats.) I discovered that my first two batches of these weren't supposed to spread to the diameter of hamburger buns. When properly kneaded, they rise instead of spreading. However, they're still VERY large. The recipe says one dozen, but I think you could easily make two dozen.

When they finished baking, of course I let them cool before I tried to cut and butter a couple of them, right? Yeah, right. I scorched my fingers cutting them. Delicious! And the photo below looks a lot like the rolls I just made (although mine weren't quite as nicely shaped).

Well, the stand mixer's life of leisure is over. I've got plenty of single-loaf recipes, so I've decided to stop buying bread and make my own from now on. Now I know that my round loaves used to look like big flat amoebas because they weren't kneaded enough and would spread out instead of rising. You can only use the words "artisan" and "rustic" as excuses for so long. I know I still need practice shaping loaves, but I'm looking forward to it. There are very few things that beat homemade bread.

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