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Time and Chance Happen to Us All

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I live near the Rio Grande. The riparian forest is thick with cottonwood, Russian olive, ash, walnut, locust and tamarisk trees. Underneath are raspberry, currant and plum bushes, clematis and Virginia creepers, asters, sunflowers and goldenrods, and the unavoidable ragweeds, thistles and nettles.

Insects thrive here. Rodents thrive. Lizards and small snakes dine on the many insects and rodents. Birds, in turn, dine on insects, rodents, lizards and small snakes. Small mammals eat their share. It is an animal metropolis.

My garden is part of this vibrant community. My property is a Certified Wildlife Habitat. I like the feeling of belonging to this community. I like watching the birds, lizards and butterflies. I approve of the caterpillars, snakes and skunks.

The insects...well, I'll say I tolerate them. They are unpopular neighbors, but they have a right to live here, too. As long as they keep to themselves. Many of them are unlucky. They get caught in the open, uncovered or dug out of their shelters and become a meal for my more preferred neighbors. That's just part of life.

Occasionally, insects come into my private human reserve. A 4-inch centipede came in early one morning. I was making my bed when he ran up the inside of my nightgown and bit me on the hip. I beat him to death with my slipper. I had heard these were poisonous, so I dressed and went to work. I feared being alone when I died. The result was only a pair of itchy red bumps, much like mosquito bites. Score: Human 1, Insect 0.

This afternoon when I drove into my garage and began unloading my groceries, I found a large roach, freshly squashed by my rear tire. A little drama played out on the floor.

I can see the scenario clearly. He had claimed a home inside. Food from the trash can, no birds in sight, a great place to settle and raise a family. Peace and prosperity!

Suddenly, danger loomed...some big black object. He dashed for his life. It missed him! He was standing on the drive, panting, wiping his brow, and thanking his speedy legs that he had made an escape, when a second black object rolled over his celebration!

I almost felt sorry for that roach. How like me, he was. Studying and planning and making what seemed to be the right choice. Viewing his little body made me reflect that luck has a big part in everyone's life.

Luck and persistence.

Savoring our success a little early might be fatal to our plans.

We must all carry on.........

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OMG!!! SO FUNNY!
    1423 days ago
    emoticon Your place sounds like somewhere I'd like to retire too. I stumbled onto your page by happy accident and your blogs are hysterical. You're my kind of woman!! The centipede story was gross but the roach was worse...know what you get when you squish a roach???????????CUSTARD!! Guess that's one of the reasons that I've never liked the stuff, it's the texture and the color and it's cockroach guts!!
    1565 days ago
    Loved your description of your home and the creatures you share your space with.
    Glad you lived. emoticon
    1568 days ago
  • STRINGI719
    You are such a gifted writer!
    1587 days ago
  • KATHY98665
    Could you hear me squeal when I read about that critter climbing up your leg? Shudder.... emoticon Go get 'em!
    1589 days ago
    I hate roaches. A couple of months ago, I went to the IHOP on Central near Eubank. Had a nice "Fit for Me" dinner, carried some out as takeout. As I walked to the car, I saw a roach cross my path. Stutter-stepped to slow down - felt something squish under my heel IN my sandal. When I got to my car and could sit to check - icky-poo, squished roach! Ewww, eww, eww. There he was, watching his buddy almost get squashed. "Hey, Ralph!" He hollered "that was a close one" . Still laughing at Ralph's narrow escape, Bubba walked forward onto a moving platform. "What the" he wondered as the platform landed on the sidewalk and the life was pounded out of him. Ewwww.

    I like the sound of your Certified Wildlife Habitat.
    1589 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Yes, we all need to realise the part chance can play in life and try to remain vigilant and flexible.
    1590 days ago
  • KAREN608
    I cringed at the centipede crawling up on you! Ick!
    At least it was not poison to you.

    I put out dust for dehydrating insect: food grade DE, as I need
    to slow them down... it seems to work as every bug I see in the
    house has been dead. Takes ten days for them to dehydrate,
    if they walk through it.

    We have had rain so I assume the bugs outside will
    become more active now. Oh Joy.
    1590 days ago
    Your home sounds like a beautiful and interesting place.
    1590 days ago
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