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I Don't Think She'd Be A Good Workout Buddy...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My friend asked me to work out with her. I am all for working out, and I know it is always less boring with a partner, but..
She and I are not in the same place. Yeah she's out of shape and needs to lose weight, but she's already half my size.

My friend is like 170 trying to be 145ish at 5'0. I am 312 trying to get to 120 slowly but surely at a height of 5'2. (We are both 19 years old.) We are very different stats wise. We have different builds. She's heavy up top (cone?) and I'm more like a subtly curved pear. [The figure I've depicted for myself is from when I was around 135 like 6 or 7 years ago. I have really small like, AAA battery sized boobs at a healthy weight, so my hips appear slightly wide, thus the slight pear shape.] Not to mention she's not really THAT serious/dedicated to all of this. She just wants to wear a 2 piece and booty shorts next summer. She doesn't care for eating healthy or being healthy overall. (Judging by how much she asks me to go out to eat or brings fast food to my house for herself to eat while we watch tv.)

We're just at different stages in this process.

I doubt we'll actually get around to working out together anyways since we have different schedules and only see each other 3 nights a week to catch up on shows together. That being said I don't know why I am even blogging about this, haha.

I feel like she would feel better about herself if she was exercising by me...

She tends to validate how little she is by comparing herself to me. I don't think she MEANS to be mean, but I can see what she's doing when it happens.

Aside from anything related to sizes and weight loss, we're very similar.

I think it's safe to say she's got to find a different friend to workout with. lol I'll just stick to trying to get my mom to workout with me. (My mom is about 42 y/o, 364 (not sure of her goal weight), and 5'3.5 - 5'4. I've never seen her at a healthy weight.... so I don't know her build underneath. I imagine she's a mix of top heavy [cone?] and hour glass.)

I have a twin sister who is even more similar to me... but she doesn't care for being healthy either. She just wants to get to like 180, go to the gym like 1 time a month and eat crap all day. -_- We are going to be some odd looking twins when the weight loss is over, lol.

This blog was all over the place.. Hadn't blogged in a week or so, so I thought I'd go ahead and do so.

Bye til next time.

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
GENRE009 2/20/2014 7:49PM

    I am just now coming into your blog because you were nice enough to read mine. The one about," you inspire me". I know it must be very exhausting to exercise considering your size. it sounds like when you were younger, your parents might have had something to do with how big you got, by what they fed you. I used to be thinner, always around a 6-8 in size. And I had to exercise to the tune of 1 hour a day for nearly 39 years. My job could burn your health up physically if you didn't keep your stamina up, and eat right. most people didn't, and ate a lot of sugary snacks, chips, and did pop all day. They may have been thin in the beginning, but their bad eating did catch up with them in high blood pressure, or diabetes, ulcers, or heart problems. I got pretty heavy myself when I was in a car accident in 1993. My new car was totaled & I became some what crippled up with 7 different injuries always. Finally, I used nutrition to change my outcome, and am now finally dealing with all my problems. My low self esteem-spirit-no emotional support, my mind & emotions-thinking poorly about pain & fear, and finally not medicating my emotions with food. So, I did have to join Weight watchers to learn that part. It's hard to on a diet, lose weight, then realize that you still have problems, and gain it back. spark has a wonderful site for learning a lot of the tools you need, to eat right, and stay motivated. I felt like I had to be accountable also, that's why I do weight watchers too,. Considering your weight, did you ever think about trying to get on the show the biggest loser. I know they are really tough, but it will push you the hardest, and it's like living at boot camp. it might even save you a lot of money. My sister gained a lot of weight from having 6 kids in a row. She had that stomach surgery. I think it is dangerous. And why would I really want to give up food, I like eating. I just want to learn better habits, and still eat, not starve. I am going to send you some of my stories to entertain you, and I hope we become good friends too. take care, eva emoticon

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CASEYTALK 2/20/2014 2:00PM

    I think the fact that she makes thoughtless, mean comments and brings you unhealthful foods to eat when she comes over speaks volumes. She is undermining you. Ask her to bring healthful snacks only. As to exercising with her, well, exercise isn't a bad thing. When you have lost the weight and are down to her size or below, you will definitely have the last laugh and, who knows? You might spark her to a more healthful outlook.


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NANCYSINATRA 9/17/2013 11:49AM

    If this person is your friend, I'd suggest letting her know how you feel about her being "mean" and comparing herself to you. If that is what she is doing, she is not a positive influence in your life, and while on this journey, we all need to have positivity around us.
I have tried the workout buddy, and the one positive thing I can say about it is the accountability of it. If you have someone you are suppose to meet for a workout, you are much less likely to come up with an excuse to not workout that day. But that only works if your buddy is reliable.
Like everything on this journey, there are pros and cons to both. Weigh them out, and make the best decision you can. Only you know what is best for you.

And we are all here cheering you on during your journey. emoticon

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TRACYDH 9/16/2013 1:12AM

    I think out loud a lot when I write as well :) Sounds like you worked it all out in your blog - you know what the right thing to do is here :)

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DISCOVERLLH 9/15/2013 1:59PM

    Do you think your work friend could possibly be trying to support you in your work out efforts? If she knows you are trying, she may be trying to help. Also, I'm wondering if she maybe just needs a friend to do things with and wants to connect with you outside work. Just a thought. Sometimes even thin people feel insecure / lonely. She may not really be trying to feel better about herself by working out next to you.

With that said, if YOU feel uncomfortable working out next to her, then it probably wouldn't be a positive experience and you would end up not wanting to go. Are there any exercises you could do with her where there wouldn't be such a discrepancy (like weights instead of cardio?) Otherwise, maybe you could suggest doing something else with her outside work so she doesn't feel bad.

In the end, keep doing what's right for YOU! emoticon

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