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Celebration and commiseration.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hard to believe that it is almost the middle of September! emoticon

It has been a very tumultuous last few weeks here.

emoticon emoticon emoticon Spent the week of the 23rd of August celebrating my 60th birthday. Went out to lunch on the Friday of my actual birthday with my hubby. It was a beautiful sunny day and the view of the river from where we were sitting was just beautiful.

On the Saturday we went to watch our football team the Fremantle Dockers play a great game and met up with friends for pre-game drinks and lunch.

On Sunday we had around 30 people come to our home for lunch and relax and catch up with each other. emoticon It was a wonderful afternoon and the rain came just as the last guest left!

Food wise I made sure there was plenty of healthy food, we had fruit platter, vegetable platter with a garlic mayonnaise dip. I had sushi rolls and salad wraps catered for and had Italian meatballs that I oven baked so they would not be too greasy.
I did order a Black Forrest cake, maybe a bit too large for the birthday cake, it was nice and I tried very hard not to eat too much of it.

I found that through the whole afternoon I had the same glass of champagne as I was too busy greeting guests and keeping the food going. As far as eating, ate very little as I just didn't have time to sit and eat. I do recollect having a few mouthfuls of the veggies and dip and some fruit and a couple of sushi's.

One of the conversations on the day was the health of Olive , my MIL. She had been poorly and so I told my husbands family I would go into the nursing home the next day and see how she was feeling. We also wanted to see if she was going to be well enough to celebrate her 90th birthday on the 1st of October.

When I saw her on the Monday she said she was feeling tired but felt that she would be around for her 90th. emoticon

On the Friday we travelled 5 hours down to Albany to visit with my B.I.L and his partner. We have been planning to visit them for almost 6 months! My B.I.L broke his ankle badly 4 months ago and was very unwell for quite a long time due to post op complications with clots in his leg. At one stage when we planned to visit previously, both hubby and I became unwell with colds so cancelled the trip. So this trip was a long time coming and we were looking forward to it. The weather was terrible, wet and VERY windy.

The trip was uneventful, the country side was beautiful and green due to all the rain we have had.

On Saturday we set up the lounge room ready to watch our team play and then the 'phone call came. emoticon My MIL had taken a turn and was having trouble breathing and was on her way to hospital in an ambulance. My B.I.L spoke with the Doctor looking after her when she got to emergency, it was not good news, she had pneumonia.

We got in touch with her son who was still in Perth to go and be with her as we were 5 hours away. We then quickly left and checked out of our hotel room and drove back to Perth. By the time we left it was 3pm and we went straight to the hospital , getting there around 8:30pm She was on the ward by the time we arrived and had a B-pap mask on which has to be on tight and pushes oxygen into her lungs. When I saw her I was shocked! She was so distressed with the mask on was asking me to take it off!

The mask was removed and she calmed down and we then spent the next hour getting her comfortable in her bed. She still had a rolled up sheet under her from when she was transferred from the stretcher to the bed! As she weighed all of 35kgs she felt every little thing that was not smooth.

We spoke to the doctors on Sunday and the news was not good . Due to being so frail and her chronic disease that affects her muscles, the disease had started to affect her diaphragm and hence the pneumonia. All her family had come to see her and I was able to get a daughter who had not spoken with her mother for a long time to talk and ask forgiveness for not keeping in touch. This was very emotional for everyone.

We decided as a family to sing happy birthday to her on Sunday night as we knew her time was close and we wanted her to feel that she made it to her 90th as she was only 3 weeks away! We stayed at the hospital all day and everyone had time to reminisce with her about the old days.

As we were getting ready to visit her on Monday we had a 'phone call to say that she had passed away peacefully in her sleep. Although it was sad that she had passed away we were all relieved that she was no longer suffering.

We had her funeral on the Friday and we had family stay with us for that week. It was a wonderful time to reconnect with everyone and my youngest B.I.L read the Eulogy and did a great job.

My MIL ashes are going to be scattered over her husbands grave in Queenstown, Tasmania sometime next year. It was in her will and she has her life savings set aside so the family here in Perth can fly and have a memorial ceremony when the time is right.

So as you can see this has been a busy time for all of us. This weekend we have just relaxed and cherished life. I planted pansy flowers in the garden in memory of my MIL as I know they were one of her favourite flowers.

So not a lot of Sparking took place, I will try and catch up with you all in the near future. I know a few of you are experiencing sad busy times as well, my thoughts are with you and big hugs to you.

Love from Libby
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