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50 To Go!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

No, not 50 pounds, although I wish! (That's probably more like 60)

50 POINTS!! Once I post this blog, I will be 50 points away from Level 13! When I started Spark People, I was unemployed, so I had all day to read articles, play trivia and build up REALLY long log-in Spark streaks! Although I'm trying to be better about logging in regularly, I no longer get my "Perfect Attendance" trophies every month, and most months, I don't even get the "Consistency" trophy!

BUT, I AM earning monthly exercise minutes trophies and have already surpassed the Fitness Minutes goal for the year set by Spark America! (Thanks to my FitBit!)

My next Spark Streak I'm going to work on building is drinking water. The only water I'm consistently drinking is the water that is green and says "Diet Mountain Dew" on the bottle. For me, if it says "Diet", it MUST me okay, right?! Well, I've had many people inform me that my thinking is WRONG! My boyfriend loves to tell me that it would actually be HEALTHIER for me to drink the REAL stuff than the "Diet" stuff due to the fake sugar and stuff that's in it! (Not sure I believe THAT, but there may be a TINY bit of truth in there somewhere!)

Now that I know what I'm going to start "streaking" in, how do I go about it? A few ideas I have (and would greatly welcome other suggestions):

1. If I have to drink SOMETHING out of a bottle, Smart Water is very doable for me! And I've even found where I can buy it relatively inexpensively. I like the taste of it plain or with a few squirts of Mio in it. (Yes, I know, it's got fake sugar, but there are times I need taste and don't have a lemon nearby)

2. I can get a gallon jug and fill it for less than a dollar (I think) at the grocery store. That would give me another cheap way to get my water in and not worry about tap water taste. (Some tap water tastes decent, but not all!)

3. I need to be better about drinking water while I'm working out. When I remember to take a bottle of water with me to Hoop Class, I usually drink the whole thing. (Sometimes I get so caught up in what I'm doing, I don't stop to drink anything)

The big issue for me is: What do I do for my caffeine fix? I use Diet Mountain Dew as my "coffee" in the mornings. The waitress at my local cafe knows to bring me a Diet Pepsi when my Grandpa and I eat there every Saturday morning. Of course, once I can get back to sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night (which I've done for 3 nights straight now!), I won't be quite as tired during the day!

Speaking of sleep, I'd better head that way! I've got a Sunday School class to teach in 9 hours!

Have a blessed day, all!


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