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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Firstly we are doing very well with my menu plan which runs for a month. What I did was develop a menu for a month of meals. It includes 31 blocks of time which has two main meals inserted in each category of lunch and supper. Breakfast around here is always porridge either Red River cereal or oatmal, coffee and 2 tbsp. of ground up flax seeds. Lunch is always a main meal, green salad, and .5 cup of coca zero(not for everyone I know but hubby and I miss having a little soda so we plan it. We each have a 4 oz glass of it daily) and either a little chocolate pudding, jello with a little yogurt or just yogurt. Supper is always about 6 oz. of soup (Asian soup, hamburger soup, borscht or chicken rice or barley soup depending what I have thawed) and a small main meal or a grilled cheese sandwich or a toasted tomato sandwich and the same sort of little dessert we have at lunch. For a snack sometimes we have fruit or maybe some popcorn. This has been working well since the beginning of September and it means shopping large once a month and doing a fruit and veggie shopping in the middle of the month. Yesterday we decided to do the fruit and veggie run.

It was a glorious fall day every bit as nice as summer was and I was wearing shorts and a blouse. We packed up the dogs and decided to give the dogs a walk about 40 km. or 30 miles from home. There is a nice little road there that is a dead end and no traffic at all. We let Otto our rottweiller cross and Chica our little white bundle of fur out of the car and I set off with them. As always they love to run into the bush here, there and every where but always come back to me. I forgot my whistle but that is nothing unusual so I walked the 1.5 km. out and on the way back Otto stuck with me while Chica went off to the bush to my left for some last checking for squirrels and mice. But Chica never came back. We started out around noon and waited and called and called till 3. We felt we had to get the shopping done as Charlie needed that prescription for salve for his hip and we were not accomplishing anything there. We are Bahais and I had said several rounds of prayers for Chica's return and nothing. This is unusual as whenever I say the prayer "Remover of Difficulties" I have always had results. It is not like something you say for world peace or to win the lottery. Usually I will say that prayer to beg the Almighty to help me find my keys or assist a loved one and there is always some sort of result. God is very good to me, I am fortunate!

So it was with a very heavy heart that we left that place and did our shopping. When we came back we spent an hr. calling again and walking up and down that deserted little road. Charlie told me that probably she had run into a coyote or bear and it was unlikely that we would see her again. I could only pray that if she was alive that she would go tramping down the road toward home and some kind soul would pick her up and check her tags. So off we went and it was getting dark. I already suffer occasional insomnia and I did not look forward to trying to sleep tonight. When we got home the first thing I did was check phone messages just in case. There were two messages. One was a hang up but the other was the animal control man here in town saying he had Chica tied behind his house and where to find him. Off I went and got her. Then I located the man to ask what had happened and he told me that someone had dropped her off at the store and the lady working there had gotten ahold of him. Chica of course took all this angst for granted and when Otto finally saw her again he sure sniffed her up and down.

Today I went to the store to talk to the people there and no one knows who dropped Chica off but I guess the tag got her to town and the rest will never be known. I can only say some very humble prayers of thanksgiving and I know the animal control fellow had a rough year so we gave him enough funds for about 3 months worth of dog food for his 2 big dogs. He tried to refuse but I said I need to reward someone and your dogs are the only ones I know will not refuse. More things under the sun than we will ever know so we should just be grateful.
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