Lies, Lies, Lies ... or ... What I Learned Today

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Yes, sneaky. That's what Spark is.

Shadowy CIA-like and game-like mazes of deception.

What exactly am I accusing this site of you ask?

Well ... today I decided to re-investigate some features in Spark that I had forgotten about.

I clicked this button. I clacked that button. Push that. Link there ...

Then I saw it. The lie. The deception. The ... "Send Private Message" button.

It's the button on a user's information block that pops to the side when they comment on someone's blog.

So I thought to myself, "ohhhhhhh" ... and clicked it. I decided to send a Spark friend a private message. Stealth talk. Ninja whisper. Secret handshake.

I felt so sneaky.

Then ...

It opened the Spark mail with the person's name auto populated.


Spark mail?

That is the "Private" message?

I was robbed! Tricked! I want my money back! Foul!

Still ... it is a fast way to send a Spark mail emoticon

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