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September, A time of Anniversary dates.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 2011. My wake up call. I weighed 312, sleep 15 hours a day, called into work more often than not, had a A1C of 14. Cholesterol through the roof, high blood pressure. I took a 6 week absence from work, joined a gym, started insulin, cholesterol medication, light therapy, talk therapy, and decided to finally due something along a lifestyle change to get healthy. NOT a diet, not a weight loss fad, but soemthing along the lines of changing my life. Since then, I have lost 28 pounds, sleep 8 hours a day, work full time, have an A1C of 6, went off insullin, maintained the gym membership, still do light therapy, and have 25 habbits that I try for daily to be healthy. You can read about them in my community journal, 25 steps to health.

September 2012. I demoted from a supervisor postion to a CHET social worker at work. I did this so my husband could start a daycare, with me as a co-owner of the licensed facility. I am not 100% thrilled about my job, it's not very challenging and I am used to more responsibility but it allows me flexibility. My priorities have changed. It used to be all work, with my husband doing the primary parent stuff, the house stuff. NOW, it's health first, with parenting a second, and work a third. I am the primary parent, the get up and make breakfast parent, the go to school during the day parent, the attend all the sport function parent. I am the menu planner, the grocery shopper, the cook, and head bottle washer.
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