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A step backwards for FIL

Saturday, September 14, 2013

He was nauseous again yesterday and threw up his breakfast. They are having a hard time with his blood pressure and getting it stable. So they are slowing things down a bit. Then we got the call around 9:30 from his GP doctor that they were worried as he had pain in his arm and very low blood pressure. She was on her way to his house and so was the cardiologist. They were concerned with heart attack and mentioned hospital so my DH and I jumped in the car and ran over to FIL house and met both doctors there. They did another EKG and thank goodness it was not his heart. But because his blood pressure was so low they decided to put him on IV and get more fluids into him and since he was not producing enough urine put in a catheter. They want to force his kidneys to work harder to get the blood pressure right. So he is all wired up but still very positive. I pray that this will all get worked out and he gets stabilized and can begin again with therapy and get to the point where he is once again independent. We don't leave until the 25th but I would feel so much better if he were back to driving again and taking care of himself again. We still have time.
I pray he will rally!

On another note....something weird with my weight. I was up two pounds. Now that isn't a big deal as I am still under my old goal of 110 (I am 108.5), but I find it very interesting as I was only at like 1200 calories. So the only thing I can figure out is that my body might be reactive to cauliflower as I ate some grilled cauliflower as a snack. I haven't had that in a long time. So I do believe that there is something to the type of food you eat and how it reacts with your body. It is very interesting. So no more cauliflower for me today and we will see what the scales says tomorrow....just for "science" sake.

I do hope all of you are terrific today and enjoying your week end.
Have a wonderful day.
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