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HELP-Need Feedback: Is $25 per week for 1 Personal Training Session to much for 30 Minutes????

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy Saturday!!!

I need serious feedback... Thanks in advance for your feedback..

I have just a few days to decide on if I should or should not cancel a 1 year contract for Personal Training Sessions. Here is what it breaks down to:

*30 minutes for 1 day a week costs $25 for a total of $100 per month for personal training (4 sessions total for the month).. That's a total of $1,200 a year. Most trainers have over 15 clients some up to 30 clients, so they are making very good pay.

I don't mind my actual gym membership price which is very reasonable.

Now in the past, I had a Personal Trainer who I met with twice a week for 40 minutes for just $30 total. Plus, it was on a weekly basis & there was no contract to sign off on for 1 year. Part of me is like for $25 per week for just 30 minutes is a bit much considering I don't think that's going to be enough. I am on a strict budget & don't want to be strapped into a "contractually agreement" for 1 year. Anything can happen but they will still deduct $100 from my account.

Now, I've done this before on my own & I honestly don't think that it's financially feasible or even worth it for the cost. I think if the sessions were just call in for personal sessions when you want I would be more open to that but the gym is not willing to do that. Everyone must lock into a contract. I feel like this is a bit much for personal training sessions that people have to "agree" to a year.

Is $25 per week for 1 Personal Training Session 2 much for 30 Minutes????

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  • GR8TAWK-N-2-U
    Price sounds ok, there are trainers who will train more than one person and they split the price for 1 hr. (may be a little higher) but you can get a trainer without signing a contract
    1642 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/20/2013 7:50:15 PM
    Actually it is not too much but you have to decide is there a specific reason a trainer would work for you or if it is something you could do with some research. It is more than a weekly workout. The trainer develops a program for you to go through the entire week and alters that according to each session in the future. Spark has some great videos that are challenging and if you decide to use the coach feature it might work for you. Also Spark can create a workout plan and show examples

    The personal trainers in my area charge according to which gym you use or if it's for out of gym training. In gym is ~25.00 up and at home would go for a small fortune. At my favorite gym, I think its about 35 or 40 dollars. It is a reasonable price though only if you need it. I have watched trainers and think their great. I'd rather try a fitness class, but my husband and I have thought about hiring a trainer for our running
    1643 days ago
    I used to go to the gym and they had female trainers. I felt soorry for some of the ladies who were morbidly obese..they were pushed for beyond there limit. I did not see them any more. I hated the gym scene.

    I would never spend money on any trainer. Me I could not afford it. Too much money! If you have trainers before could you remember some of the training and do it yourself. All they do is get paid to watch you exercise. LOL. My view monies could be spend on veggies and wholesome foods or something else like some exercise equipment that you can use at home. I have brought a treadmill for 100.00 on the trade shop. It works well and is doing the job. Now mind you it will kick your butt so I am working my way with it. I ride a stationary bike and do aerobics from dvd. I would never sign any contract!!! if you do you are locked in and have to pay. Good luck!! tread carefully!
    1647 days ago
  • ADZY86
    I think it's too much. That's about the price of a whole hour session! Plus the whole 'stuck in a contract for a year' thing doesn't work for me. You sound like you already know what you're doing so be confident in your fitness and do your thing. Good luck
    1647 days ago
    At my gym my trainer and I chose to see her only 1 time per month and its on a month to month basis, meaning no contract to sign that is $45 dollars for 30 minutes. Sounds expensive but at my gym all the trainers have to have 4 year college degrees and have had to have done a years internship at either a hospital or rehab facility. This is very important for me due to I have had both hips replaced and one knee replaced. If a trainer just has a certificate then they are not going to know the percautions that I need. Also I could have seen the trainer more often, but as she said, ''there is really no need, we will meet once a month just to change things up." So the price your being quoted is very reasonable, but can you fit it into your budget, and how good of a trainer is this person. Just my 2 cents worth.
    Good luck,
    1647 days ago
    I think the $25 for 30 minutes is okay, but I would never sign a long term contract...what if you and the trainer are not a good match, what about illness, what if you decided you want a break, what if you decide you could do this on your own and on and on. I've used a trainer once a week for several years and it has been helpful, but I pay for 6-10 sessions at a time which do not expire and can be used anytime.
    1648 days ago
    It sounds a bit on the high side given the amount of time but I'm suggesting you contact one of your team mates, SWEETZ1920, who is using a trainer and see how your rate compares.

    I also agree with you, it would be better if there wasn't a contract.

    Whatever you choose, I hope you get the results your are looking for. emoticon
    1648 days ago
    I don't think the fee itself is too out there BUT I would agree . . . I would not like a contract at all.
    1648 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Only you can answer that question because it's not just the actual dollars, it's the dollars related to your income and your priorities. Me? No way can I afford it, but I would LOVE to have a personal trainer. I have special needs and would love to have someone who has the right training be "mine" for a short period of time on a regular basis just so I could a) learn the right things to do and b) start making real progress.

    My financial situation is such that I cannot even dream of making that kind of obligation, but, were it different, I definitely would do it. And, as I have heard it said, if you consider what you may not be paying for by doing this, you may come out far ahead. No diabetes treatments, no shortened life due to heart issues or other obesity-caused problems. I'm not saying you're facing any of that, but - you get the idea...

    My knee jerk response to the money itself is that it sounds like a real bargain! But then again, I am in the SF Bay Area where everything is scary expensive!
    1648 days ago
    For my area it is too much. And we don't have to sign a contract.
    1648 days ago
    I dislike contracts with a passion unless there is an opt out clause. The YMCA gives a week's worth of training for you to learn the machines then you can pay for a trainer if you'd like. After I learned the machines, I didn't feel I needed the trainer. The price sounds a little on the high side but this is a small town. Good luck on whatever you decide.
    1648 days ago
    This is a tough call. It all depends on the quality of the trainer. Do you have an opt out clause, say if after 2 months you can't stand the trainer?

    I have used personal trainers on and off for the past 8 years. These last 3 years I worked with a great trainer and made incredible strides in ST. However, we went 12 sessions a pop....I would pay for 12 sessions in advance to get a discounted rate of about $30/hour.

    Read the fine print. Theoretically, that's an OK amount of money, but YOU need to get your money's worth out of the trainer. I make them work for it, I interview them, ask them tons of questions, and expect them to BUILD ME A PERSONAL PLAN, not some generic one they use for everybody. Tell them what your goals are, what your timeline is to achieve it, and make them work for their money.

    Also, don't waste time doing cardio with a trainer. I told my guy he didn't need to watch me on the rowing machine. I came in to the training sessions all warmed up after 15-20 minutes of cardio and we hit the weight room ready to rock

    Good luck!
    1648 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/14/2013 3:01:05 PM
    If you're on a budget and are not injured and are not learning an entirely new sport I don't think that you need a trainer at all. What you're paying is "guilt" money. If you pay a trainer you're hoping you'll feel too guilty to ditch your workout because you spent "good money" on it. Instead, give the money to your kids to make fun of you and tease you until you go. It's a win-win!

    1648 days ago
    I don't like the contract part. The rate seems okay
    1648 days ago
    To me this is expensive. It seems to be what my local YMCA is charging though. They have a reduced rate if you have a partner with you. Maybe your trainer can do something like that.
    1648 days ago
    I think it is a bit much but if the trainer is good have to decide. I'm going to a rehab place for my knee and they offer a membership for 25 a month and you can use all their equipment and if you need help they will help you. I'm still in rehab for my knee but after I'm done with that I'm seriously considering joining that. Check your local hospitals for what type of rehab health facilities they offer. It might be cheaper in the long run. Good luck and hope this helped somewhat. Judy
    1648 days ago
    The rate is excellent IF the trainer is well qualified. Look at education - do they have a college degree in a related field? Just the certification is not really what you want!! For that, I wouldn't pay. My former trainer was $65 for a 1/2 hour, which was why I only had her once a month. Also, the trainer does not get the whole amount... normally the gym gets some of it. The really great trainer at my gym (who now owns his own gym) charged $80 and had a waiting list.

    I also think the contract stinks... What if the trainer you like leaves???
    1648 days ago
    It's the contract part of it I don't like. The rate is ok.
    1648 days ago
    Seem fine. I believe that they average $60 for an hour here.
    1648 days ago
    Sounds cheap to me. Around here, the cheapest gym membership is $30/month for one person with a one year contract. They give you one walk through instruction on equipment upon joining, then you are on your own. Personal trainers start at $40/30 minute session. I think it's locality based. Personal trainers have to make a living, too, so cost would be locality based.
    1648 days ago
    Yes, I believe that is too much. Only one day out of the week won't be much help towards weightloss and you will have to look towards a gym membership or exercise equipment while still paying for the one day a week.

    The best purchase I ever made during my journey, was a recumbent stationary bike! Parked it in my living room and ride it 30 minutes a day, everyday. I paid under $100.00 for it at Academy.

    Wishing you well and great success! Have a fantastic weekend!
    1648 days ago
    Our gym had 1 training session a week free with membership and then I paid if I needed more. I can't recall the price but I could not afford it. I thought that was great. I paid $40.00 a month for just me.
    1648 days ago
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