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Saturday 9-14-2013 Assortment

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Hugh Otto.
Hugh Otto who?
Hugh Otto know.
You invited me over!
How many innings did Jewish baseball great Sandy Koufax pitch in a 1961 game that started shortly after his 25-hour Yom Kippur fast had ended?

13. Koufax won 3–2 in a 205-pitch, 15-strikeout game against the Chicago Cubs.

(If you've ever fasted, you know just how impressive and amazing this is.)

“Death is just nature’s way of telling you, ‘Hey, you’re not alive anymore.’”
—Bull, Night Court

“If you really want to study police methods, do what I do: watch television.”
—Officer Toody, Car 54, Where Are You?

Red: You been in bed all day?
Eric: Yeah, I’ve been reading the Jack Kerouac classic On The Road. Why get out of bed when you can read about people who got out of bed?
—That ’70s Show
First Fox show to beat the big three networks in the ratings: 21 Jump Street (August 1987).
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