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Summer lessons and new goals

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My husband and I took off for a 3 month road trip in our fifth wheel this summer. I decided to put my weight loss goals on hold on the trip. I practiced the "art of maintenance" and found out, well, umm, I need more practice. I gained a few pounds...four to be exact. It was good practice. I thought I would be able to maintain, and I did for most of the trip, but I kinda lost it when we started heading back toward home. Stress/emotional eating I think. DH is finishing his last few weeks of a pretty tough treatment for Hep C. He is drained and I pick up the slack. Each week, he seems to get a little weaker because the meds are so strong. They are working; he cleared the virus, but they are taking a toll on both of us.

As we head back toward home, I decided that new goals were in order.

1) I really cannot keep the splurge foods I love around the house. I need to buy them in small quantities and infrequently. I will keep healthy snacks around.

2) I have to figure out a way to stay in shape on the road. When we were based in one place for months at a time, I found a routine and was able to stick with it. When we were mostly traveling, I found excuses not to exercise. I need to get back to baby steps in this area and not try to do 5-7 miles of walking/jogging per day like I was before we left on the trip. It's so strange that I still resist something that makes me feel so good when I do it. If any of you have thoughts or theories on that, I'd love to hear them. For now, my plan is to go back to 5 minutes a day...anyone can do that. I usually do more once I get going, which is the whole point of such a small commitment.

3) I have to limit myself on splurge foods when dining out. When tempted to order fries or some other high calorie favorite, I need to keep the bigger picture in mind. This is not a diet. This is the way I live now. The string on my yo-yo is wearing thin...I cannot do this to myself anymore. I can live with a once a month dining out splurge...no more than that.

4) I will enlist the help of my supportive hubby to meet my goals. We worked out a way for him to politely remind me I am off track...a secret code! He asks me how spark people is going. If he says "You're gaining weight", I get angry. It sets off all kinds of ancient emotional triggers for me. So I told him that if he asks about sparking, I will get the message without the hurt feelings. Amazingly, this seemed to work. It still took me a few more weeks to get back on spark people, but I did do it.

5) Lastly, I will try to be not too hard on myself and not too easy on myself. Balance and moderation will help me stick with this for the rest of my life.

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    We went on a month trip this summer and I actually lost a few ounces!
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    1651 days ago
    Congratulations ... on so many levels! You are back! Instead of giving up, here you are, ready to adjust and dive in again.

    Congratulations on only gaining 4 pounds! I'm afraid that under similar circumstances, I might have gained 14 ... 24 .... ? I think you did amazingly well. We go through different phases, and life hands us different challenges. You exercised when you could, you realized how good it makes you feel, you are thinking about how to handle things differently next time. Pat yourself on the back! No, you weren't perfect, but you did okay, and you are back!

    I'm with you on the splurges. I don't want to eliminate them entirely. But if they are there, I eat them. Period. No matter how disciplined I feel in the morning, I get home from work tired and hungry and all "willpower" seems to float out the window and rationalizations swarm in! I've been trying to have some healthy alternatives on hand ... mini carrots with hummus or peanut butter on an apple. That helps, but it's better to keep the sweet treats out of the house!

    I think you've set a great goal for yourself ... babystepping right back into action. I bet it won't be long before you've gained back what you feel you have lost, and lose the pesky pounds you've gained!
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    1651 days ago
  • PDQ1203
    1651 days ago
    I especially agree with at least 5 minutes per day of fitness. I used to have to "trick" myself by doing that and it almost always ended up being more, but if it didn't, that was okay as well.

    My beginning Sparkpeople mantra was "I'm doing this for me" and yes, I had to mentally recite it to myself over and over on those first walks. It was bad...I had spent my first 50 years trying to take care of others - some necessary and some not - and so I had to remind myself. Now I am much better in that regard but occasionally I have to remind myself when there is additional stress in my life.

    1651 days ago
    Beautiful self-analysis! Do you know, I think that's one of the hardest things : to look at ourselves honestly, and tell it to ourselves things in a way we will accept.

    I think the hardest thing on travelling is that 'vacation mindset.' I lived in a lot of tourist destinations, and RV havens, and it always seemed like people away from home kind of leave their minds at home. (Not me, though, no, no ....well, maybe me, too!) At any rate, since it's not 'ordinary life' we tend to think that ordinary life's rules don't apply, but of course they do. Life is life!

    It sounds to me like your goals are solid! 1. Splurge foods are just that, not to be taken in daily, and eating healthy does not deprive you, it makes you stronger. 2.Get those 5 minutes of exercise in and who knows where it can lead? 3.Yep, you don't need fries every time you eat out, and when you do, maybe order small and share them? 4. Your code word is so clever I could squeal! 5. Sounds like you have found the balance!

    Four pounds is not that bad, and with your new goals in place you should have no problem taming the monster the next time you go out on the road.

    One last word since I have some experience on picking up slack. Make sure that you take some time for you!
    1651 days ago
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