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Re-scaling problems

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The perils of technology!
I have been using a set of fancy scales, which will do everything except, as I've come to realise, weigh accurately. emoticon

Because I was starting to think there was something amiss, this week, instead of leaping weekly on the scales for my challenge weigh-in, I've weighed daily and have managed to get a variation in weight of 8 kg. This, despite placing the offending measuring machine on a hard floor in exactly the same place, wearing exactly the same things. I know various things can cause fluctuation in weight - water, medications and time of day - but none of them applies in this case.

Accuracy is important, not only for my own information but also because I rely on it to post honest statistics in my challenges. I am almost at the end of one challenge, the 5% summer challenge, and in a week or so will begin the BLC23 and I've been wondering what to do about the problem. I've come up with an approach that I hope will meet my challenge obligations with integrity.

First of all I've been and bought some new SIMPLE scales. They weigh me and don't pretend to estimate body mass, fat or the myriad of other things the old ones claim to do. They weigh me heavier than the others but I think more correctly as they give results similar to my doctor's machine - I weighed on it last Thursday. emoticon

For the summer challenge I'm using the old, lighter numbers which I feel is better than suddenly adding a kilogram or two in the final week. The emphasis in this challenge is on percentage lost/gained so the old figures reflect what I've done which is basically not very well! But the Fall Challenge is not too far off, things will be better, and I will be using the new scales throughout.

The BLC presents less of a problem as we are still in the training part and have not yet begun the challenge proper. So I have altered my weight tracker to reflect the new, higher number, put the new weight on my practice challenge tracker and added a covering note. I'm further away from my goal than I thought which might affect which team I'm put on to but in the end being in the challenge is the main thing, rather than a specific team.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem with equipment?
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    I did. Bought a fancy scale for way too much money then the darn thing would fluctuate wildly for no reason. I bought a simple scale and it works perfectly. I also bought another fancy scale (different brand) that seems to be behaving well
    1636 days ago
    Hi Penny ..
    I am using my old analogue scales that I have used for years .. I only weigh in for challenges ..
    I am not really concerned about the numbers as such, its how I feel and how my clothes fit that are important to me.
    I have come down from a size 26 to a 16 ..some tops are only 14 .. So I am very happy with my progress ..
    PS ..
    my doctors scales show I weigh less, last time I weighed ..Lol xx

    Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1650 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/16/2013 5:24:07 AM
    Scales can be pains at times....I am not sure how accurate mine are anymore as well...
    1650 days ago
    1651 days ago
    Funny how those darn scales can have such an effect on us! I have a digital at home that seems fairly accurate - within a pound or so anyway, and I use a Dr.s type scale at the gym. Of course, at home, it is first-thing-in-the-morning-nothing-
    added-not-even-a-stray-eyelash weight and at the gym, it's sneakers and work-out clothes and later in the day! I have two sets of weights I've been tracking for that reason!

    I'll be cheering you on for BLC23!
    1652 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/14/2013 11:45:12 AM
  • NAVYMOM133
    I love the phrase "set of scales" or just "scales".
    I have a "scale" and, trust me, one is enough!! emoticon

    Our dial model was always frustrating because one had to adjust the silly little "zero-it-out' thingy underneath. It would read 0 but after weighing and hopping off it would return to, say 2 lbs, or under 0 by 2. Grrr... Who knew WHAT the story was.

    My digital scale just does the weight, no added bells and whistles, and seem ok. I am always heavier at the doctor's office. I wonder what Glenn paid for the Doctor's scale? hehehe... shudder.

    1652 days ago
  • LARRI2010
    I was using an analog scale (I think that's what they call the scale with the dial). Then I got a digital scale. I had visions of it being more accurate, down to a tenth of a pound. In reality, the digital scale most often records the same weight regardless whether I am wearing clothing or not - you would think it would add fractions of a pound for each item of clothing, but apparently, this scale isn't that sensitive. I continue to use the digital scale, but I do wonder how accurate it is most days.

    At work (a group home), there's a digital scale. It errors out if someone takes too long to step onto it, which can be frustrating for the person being weighed, especially if that person has a short attention span anyway. I just asked for - and received - a really good dial scale. It's large enough to step on and not have to feel as if you are trying to balance on a tiny butter dish and the dial is large enough for the nurse or staff to be able to read easily. I hope the new scale works out well.

    So, yeah, I think digital scales are overrated.
    1652 days ago
    I have a digital scale, but it's basic. Pounds only. Love it! I weigh in the morning, sleep shirt only. When I go to the doctor's office, I wear a "uniform." I own the same pants in several colors, so I wear one with a T-shirt, and always my walking shoes. I'm always 3-4 pounds more at the office, but with the clothes, after breakfast, etc., I'd expect to be more. But since it's always a consistent difference, I trust my scale. I'm not sure the problem is so much with digital, though the comment about cleaning the scale is wise. I think it's the bells-and-whistles stuff that gets added to scales that poses the problems.
    1652 days ago
    I never thought about it until you mentioned!! Next month I am going to buy an old fashion scale, non-digital, and then compare weigh ins and see if I see a difference. I am SO glad you wrote this blog because I need to share this with my friend. THANKS!! emoticon emoticon

    Love, Chelsea
    1652 days ago
    I have also had problems with the digital scales.
    1652 days ago
    Mine are digital but seem to weigh close to doctor's scale. I have had this set for more than 10 years.
    1652 days ago
    Yes, i do have similar problem with the weigh machine. I have 2 scale in my house. One is always gives me half pounds heavier the the others. Also one in the gym I go to is always 2 pounds heavier. I do not like scale which gives me heavier number.Lol)) it's so frustrating and depress to see your numbers goes up. So I've decide not to weigh in on the scale at the gym for now. I was doing well last week, but this morning I found I've gained 2 lbs. :(
    Hopefully I can catch up with the final weigh in next week. Good luck to both of us.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1652 days ago
    Humidity and dust - if you keep your scales in the bathroom or near the shower, there's one misery. And if you dust with talc or powder anywhere near them, there's another. Took me ages to figure out there WAS a problem with mine, then I (partially!) disassembled it and cleaned it thoroughly. And boy, did it ever need it--!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1652 days ago
  • SUNSHINE99999
    Indeed I have and it doesn't make me a very happy camper. emoticon
    1652 days ago
    i remember buying a new set of scales not long ago and weighing myself first on the old ones (before I threw them out that day) and weighing in at 125 and then jumping on the new ones seconds later and weighing 128!!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon

    I also find the scales at the docs weigh differently too! Our nurse had me as "overweight" last visit...............I nearly clocked her one! emoticon
    1652 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/14/2013 4:22:28 AM
  • JACKIE15108
    Yes, I find the digital scales are less accurate than the old style, plus you have to watch how high the sale goes....I thought I was near the limit of the scale and instead I was WAY over, not knowing.
    1652 days ago
    Decades ago I invested in one of those tall white doctor's scales. I got it at a drug store. It has served me well for all of these years (maybe 25?). Anyway, good luck with your dilemma. Glenn
    1652 days ago
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