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Operation try not to slap husband on a Thursday was a success!

Friday, September 13, 2013

My non-scale victory is tied into this blog title. Yesterday I stayed within my calorie range and passed up unhealthy foods despite husbands worst efforts.

*******WARNING, May Contain TOO MUCH INFORMATION for some***************

After a very satisfying dinner and an awesome 1 hour workout, my husband got a call from his mother asking if he wanted a cheeseburger (Side note: we live with his parents) and he said yes. Ok I've tried and tried to get hubby to hop on the healthy bandwagon with me but I can only do so much. I have to pick my battles. When his mom brought over the burger king cheeseburger (Side note: We live in a back guest house) he kept asking me over and over, "you want some" "You want a bite" "You sure?". (Side Note/TMI: It's that time of the month for me) It's really hard this time of month to say no to junk food. But he finally scarfed it down and I was relived. Because of course I wanted a big juicy cheeseburger that smelled wonderful, but I also want to feel good and didn't plan on the extra calories. I do allow myself a cheeseburger now and then but I set aside calories for it.

Then he takes fries out of the bag and shoves one in my face! "want one". I shot him a dirty look and told him "for the last time, please stop offering me food!"
Finally he scarfed them down and YAY I celebrated another passing-on-junk-food-victory.

Then he goes into the main house to visit with his parents (Side note: They are in their 70s and are grateful as much as we are for us being there) He comes back to our little house has a huge smile on his face and throws snickers, and twix bars onto my lap.
(Side Note: The F*%#!) These are my favorite candy bars. Normally years ago during this time of month I would love these peace offerings but again….not tonight. I handed them back to him (Side note: even though I wanted to fling them at his head!) I was nice and told him no thank you and told him again that I'm trying to stay within my calorie range, please stop. And he took them back. I don't know what he did with them after that. I am proud of myself. I feel victorious!!!!!

My husband and his family are the worse saboteurs. They think I deprive my husband. Trust me husband is NOT starving. He's gained alot of weight since we moved back to San Antonio and he got out of the military. His family doesn't understand why I can't have those foods in the house. They are sugar junkies. They always keep sugary foods and snacks in their houses. Out in the open on every table and counter. They associate food with love. I don't think my husband intends to sabotage me, I think he means well but it's very hard living with a food pusher. Sparkpeople have really helped me to deal with them. I know this won't be the last time this happens but I am very proud of myself. emoticon

Operation try not to kill hubby on a Friday commences…. emoticon

Last Side Note: We live in a 500 square foot studio guest house. There's nowhere to go to get away from each other. Before I could go to another room while he binges on cereal and chips. Now there is nowhere to run. But I'm getting better. Before it only worked if it was out of sight, out of mind, now I'm able to deal with these things literally being shoved in my face. I haven't conquered it, I know It's a work in progress, but it's nice to know I do have control over what I put into my body. But I still don't allow bad foods stored in the house. That's just setting me up for failure. It's bad enough being a food cop at work but to have to be one at home to is just exasperating sometimes.

Daily Dave Matthews (Side Note, a co-worker asked me today who Dave Matthews is, I don't even know where to begin)

Have a wonderful and healthy weekend friends!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • DOCKO56
    Put a smile on my face! Great job resisting! emoticon
    1590 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    Good job for resisting the food and the slap!

    Food pushers can be terrible. I have one cousin like that I visit less because of that.
    1590 days ago
    FANTASTIC NSV!!!!!! emoticon You certainty are exercising your "no muscle" and it is getting stronger! emoticon
    1592 days ago
    Congratulations on sticking it out and telling the hubby no. That's a hard thing to do sometimes! Great job on kicking ass at this!

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

    1592 days ago
    First, let me say "you are to funny". emoticon You did awesome, and I don't know if I could have done it !!

    I know what you mean about gaining weight after leaving the military ~ my hubby did the same thing ~ ended up with diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, etc.
    He has always had to watch his weight, but he let is get WAY out of control, but being a man, he wouldn't listen to me. Time to make your hubby understand that he is setting himself up for all these problems, and more !!

    When I retired 2 years ago, I put both of us on a different eating plan. I actually wasn't considered overweight for my height, but on the "high" end. I lost 40 lbs. and he lost 75. He has gained a few back, BUT his diabetes in now controlled with diet (no more pill), and the doctor has cut other meds. in half. His doctor is very happy with him. I also get him to the gym 3 times a week.

    Perhaps, you could set his Mom down and have a little chat (if you get along well with them) explaining that you don't need the temptation, and you are trying to keep THEIR son healthy as well.

    Good luck, and emoticon to you for a job well done !!!
    1592 days ago
    Great going! I know exactly what you mean !
    But now my husband is on a new life style eating and doesn't wave food in front of me. He has found a new and as annoying way of getting at me.....

    " I have lost .... x # of pounds, How much did you say you have lost so far?

    Little Mental Murder waiting to happen! emoticon " says he!"
    1592 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/13/2013 7:40:42 PM
    You did AWESOME!!! You deserve to celebrate this one.
    1592 days ago
    You deserve to be sainted for your patience and persistence!
    1592 days ago
    Wow you have nerves of steel! Good for you for resisting the temptation but I would definitely have a talk with him cause he might get more than candy thrown at him next time.

    Have a good one!
    1592 days ago
    You are a very funny telling a story! I no longer live with a food pusher, but know what it is like! Have you ever sat down and had a heart-to-heart with him regarding this?
    1592 days ago
    Love Love Love YOU!!! You are doing so well!!! I am so proud of you for your control (in not hitting and flinging candy and in not indulging in the food held to your face)!!


    You are my hero right now!!


    Your home may be small, but the world is big. Go for a walk next time you need to be alone or away from saboteurs for a moment emoticon
    1592 days ago
    OMG!!! I haven't even read the blog and I am laughing out loud at the title....I have had my own issues with my DH and this journey...Going to read the rest of it now emoticon
    1592 days ago
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