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Monthly report

Friday, September 13, 2013

Computer glitches, working too many hours, too tired to see straight...
But through it all God is so faithful to encourage, to show a way and to strengthen me as I need it the most.

Reporting in weight ...Feb 23 234# Today 211# for 23 pounds GONE
Reporting health ... best in general ability to do daily activities is best in 13 years.
Reporting on Blood Pressure - has jumped around a lot this month. Have had to bow to taking 1/2tablet medication on alternate days and finally maintaining back at my 120/70 goal...DASH diet encouraging more veggies in addition to the Eat to defeat Cancer and Fat cells goal of what to eat and regulating liquid intake in amount and type.

Goals: Continue to monitor foods, fluids, BP, weight DAILY
---Continue diet plan including life of Gluten free for celiac and low sugar for life.
---As the summer of horrendous amount of farming/gardening work comes to a close, DH and I must both begin to plan and commit to exercise/walking/strength building program for the cold northern winters here in the Pacific Northwest.
---recognize and appreciate the health we have and keep working to improve and maintain the good things we have including positive relationships and activities with family and friends.

My love of art per computer continues with new finds almost reviewing my Advent collections this month and always adding new treasures to my files. But computer will not allow me to add any this time.
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