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The Aching Quad Race I'm Not Running and More

Friday, September 13, 2013

This evening I'm going to the Aching Quad race to root on my nephew who is going to run 4 races in 24 hours. Tonight at 7:30pm there is a 5K, at 7 am a one mile race, at 8:30 am a 2 mile race that finishes uphill, and finally at 7 pm another 5K. It involves running around 3 different lakes in Lakeland. I attended Lakeland Runner's Club meeting last evening, but nephew had to work and missed it. I spoke to one of the leaders, who is almost a missionary for running, about my nephew and primed him to invite the 28 year old to participate in some club-sponsored training runs. I've encouraged him to go, but it doesn't fit my training plan and I think he'd be more likely to go if he knows someone there. So, hope it works.

I'm not running the Aching Quad because I want to stick to my HM training. I'll be starting an 11 mile run at 5:30am. We'll be running from downtown and our entire run will be on the course of our Lakeland Half Marathon, and we will run around 3 lakes as well, but only one in common with the Aching Quad. I hope to be done in time to see my nephew finish the 2 mile run. Then we'll both clean up and get ready for Gwen's 3rd birthday party (how could 3 years go so fast?) at 10am in a park in a small town just south of us.

I'm having a good day today. I've just recovered two dining room chairs and I love the new fabric I chose. My workmanship may be slightly less than professional, but it looks pretty good. I have four more chairs to do, but they don't all have to be done today.

I've been very proud of my eating recently, savoring every bite and making really good choices. For someone who was a binge eater for years, and even struggled some after making goal weight, I know that I'm still improving my relationship with food. The scale is just about as good as it can get. Well, I wouldn't mind being down one more pound, but I have no illusion that life will be better at 126 rather than today's 127.0. I'm also proud that I'm right on schedule with my HM training and looking forward to more training and the event on November 9th.

Life is good! Be good to yourself!! Eat smart because you love yourself! And move that body because you love it!! You deserve the benefits of a healthy lifestyle!!!

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