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Keeping motivated.....Do it Afraid (Pixie-Licious)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Every once in a while I have trouble keeping myself motivated. The weight quits coming off and some of it even comes back on me. I do the best I can but it just doesnt work the way I thought it would. My motivation suffers, i feel like giving up......I feel like I have so far to go so why try. People stop noticing what your doing. The comments quit coming. The support just isn't there. So I start feeling sorry for myself.....I quit running and I start eating in order to comfort myself. I come home from work late at night and I raid the refrigerator looking for my favorite foods and eating them until they're all gone. Still not feeling satisfied I look for more until finally I'm able to go to sleep at night. The next day I wake up and wonder why I do what I do and the weight continues to come back. I've learned over time on this site that losing weight isn't always about doing the physical things such as exercise and eating a proper diet. Sometimes we have emotional attachments that we need to get to the bottom of in order to lose that weight. We need to find out what the triggers are that cause us to over eat. Yes our emotional stability is a great contributor to weight gain at times. We can eat in order to feel better not because we're hungry. I read somewhere we should, "eat to live not live to eat".....how true. If we keep that in mind we would all be better off.

Sometimes I have to look backward in order to move forward. I have to remember where I was and then where i am. I'm 71 pounds lighter than I was back in March of this year. I have reached many short term goals that i set and some i have yet to reach. I feel better, my blood pressure is down, in fact my doctor has made comments that I should cut my medication in half as my blood pressure is almost to low now.....doctors, you can't win. My cholesterol is down, sugar is down also. I have a whole new wardrobe now to choose from instead of just one or two things that I can wear. I could only wear those because they had elastic bands in the waist. My stamina is better as I'm not out of breath all the time.....I walk/run 5 to 10 miles a day when at first i couldn't walk to the end of the block. Most importantly I feel better about myself.....I'm more confident, i want to get out and be seen by people instead of hiding from them.

So let me think again......why am I feeling sorry for myself? Why do I have trouble motivating myself to get out there. I think it's my fear of failing......what will I do if I fail? I have a friend on this site whose name is Pixie-Licious and I really enjoy reading her blogs and It sometimes can be all about having the proper support in order to keep going. The following is a repost of her blog and I think we can all learn something by reading it.

Do IT AFRAID (Pixie-Licious) repost.....

This morning when I was doing my workout DVD, I was really struggling with some of the moves. I had to do some modifications. In the past I would feel bad about myself especially if I had to modify a workout. I would think that if I wasn't keeping up EXACTLY with the workout instructor on the DVD, that I was a failure and I might as well just give up.

I gave up on myself so many times. Sometimes I'd give up before I even started. I would think I can't do that...so why should I even try? Or I would think "I have so much weight to lose...its going to take forever...I might as well just forget about it."

Mostly, I was just afraid of how hard I'd have to work in order to change my life and start moving towards my goals.

But then I read this quote from Joyce Meyer;

"Just because you feel fear doesn't mean you can't do it. Do it afraid...... "

I was afraid, but I got started anyway. It wasn't easy, and it still isn't. Although I've lost 71 lbs so far, I still have more weight to lose. And even though I workout every day, there are still things I can't do. There are still moves that I have to modify. But then again there are so many things that I CAN do that I wasn't able to do before. Sometimes it just amazes me! I think "wow, I'm really doing this...52 years old, still overweight, bad knees...but I am doing this workout!"

If you're afraid to start, then do it afraid! You don't have to be perfect. You don't have to keep up with people who are younger than you, or people who are already in better shape than you. You only need to compete with yourself. Put forth YOUR best effort, and just take it one day at a time. Give yourself time to get better, stronger and braver. You are so worth the effort!

There are 110 days left until New Years Day. Imagine the progress you can make in that time! The days will go by no matter what you are doing, so why not make the best of that time?

I don't take any credit for the repost.....this story was printed by this wonderful woman who is sharing her story and i thought it was inspirational and worth reposting. Pixie if your out there reading this, THANKS. Everyone have a great day and get out there and move. emoticon
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  • KIMPY225
    Thank you for sharing that!!
    1649 days ago
    I have to tell myself this all the time. I figure on this healthy lifestyle journey it isn't so important how fast we're traveling - what's important is that we're headed in the right direction! So I go over in calories one day or miss my workout entirely? It's one day in the journey. As long as I find balance over the course of the week, I'm still making progress in the right direction.

    1649 days ago
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