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Fuhrman's answer to why I am struggling with his eating plan.

Friday, September 13, 2013

I thought the veggies were not giving me enough protein to keep hunger away.

Fuhrman says shat I have is "toxic hunger" not true hunger. True hunger would be satisfied by any food and would go away quickly after eating.

Toxic hunger is known by craving something specific. And usually eating does not even make it go away.

Toxic hunger happens because we eat way too often and not nutrient rich foods like enough vegetables and fruits.

I wish he'd give a time line for this toxic hunger to be banished. I have not found that yet. chris

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  • SAMI199
    I like to have a timeline for when cravings will subside-toxic or not-they are hard to ignore.I found it does get much better -with time...You Can Do It.

    1433 days ago
  • DIETER27
    Don't despair you can do it!
    1435 days ago
    1438 days ago
    Chris not sure what kind of a DIET this is
    Eating a variety of foods with portion control and being sensible is a more practical way to go
    And of course taking one day at a time
    love prayers peace
    1438 days ago

    WHO IS Fuhrman ???

    I dont do well ,eating 6 small meals . i do better with no snacks
    1438 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I gently suggest that you don't wish the urges to go away. Just wish for the strength to tolerate them until they decrease. Some people find they never go away completely. They just get so mild and so infrequent, and the new habits get so strong, that it becomes moot.

    The statistics on maintaining new eating habits say that relapse is still possible 27% of the time even after 2-5 years of a new eating plan. That's about the time it takes for a person to get through all the stumbling. recommitting, and learning how to face down the obstacles and what she is really willing to live with. But the good feelings can start being important within six months to a year.

    I say if you concentrate on a lifestyle you are willing to live and stick with it long enough to really feel the benefits, weight loss will come, but it will cease to be the incentive. THAT is an advantage. Vitality is a much better incentive than the scale. emoticon

    1439 days ago
    I am not eating exactly according to the plan, but allowing a meat meal and a night out each week. I eat reasonably good choices, but don't beat myself up. If I'm craving a specific food that I know is just plain junk, I know it's not hunger, but a craving due to depression or other stressors and do my best to think it through. I've also had to fight cravings for sweets a bit lately when a new medication was introduced to my system and I'm not happy about that.

    I've been keeping fresh seasonal fruit around to snack on because after eating well for almost a year I've found that taking a bite of that food I crave is not at all satisfying. The stuff really tastes awful!

    Keep keeping on!

    1439 days ago
  • RD03875
    Sounds like another one of those Toxic fad diets to me!
    1439 days ago
    Great post, thanks for reminding me. emoticon
    1439 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    I'm not sure how long but the less you eat junk and the more you eat fruits, veggies, ect the less "toxic hunger" you will have.
    1439 days ago
    This may sound really dumb, but who is Fuhman, and for what is he famous?? Noel
    1439 days ago
    I have never heard of it.

    Good luck to you.....YOU CAN DO IT!!
    1439 days ago
    I never heard that term" toxic hunger" Makes sense.

    Keep up the good work and let us know how it works. emoticon
    1439 days ago
    The body doesn't like change. It wants to keep things the same. Excluding eating plans, diets, lifestyle changes, etc, the physical reactions within the body are the same. You can try to change a lot at once or you can try to change slowly. When you change slowly the body will slowly learn the changes it needs to make. When you change quickly then the body reacts completely differently. If you push hard for a few days then go slowly your body has no idea what to do and it throws a fit.

    If you make slow changes then you will have slow results.

    If you completely overhaul your diet and exercise choices quickly, your body won't know what to do. It will essentially do nothing for a few days hoping you'll give up. So if you go from junk food that your body knows how to digest to fruits and veggies it doesn't know how to digest properly, then it will literally pass the fruits and veggies through without really using the nutrition, and it will eat up fat and muscle to get the energy it needs. This is why people lose several pounds in the first week of a new 'diet'. However, after about 2 weeks your body starts throwing a fit because it's not getting what it wants and doesn't know how to use what it gets, and that shows up as decreased energy and CRAVINGS. Your body starts screaming that it wants what it is used to. When you give into the cravings your body says "see, I didn't need those fruits and veggies anyways!" The weight loss slows because your body doesn't want to eat itself for energy, which makes people think the process isn't working well anymore so why should they keep trying? This is why people often give up diets after about 2 weeks - they didn't realize they were fighting their body's needs. If you can push through the cravings and keep on the program, even if you don't see results, then your body starts realizing that it won't get back the junk food it is used to and it had better learn to digest what you give it. It starts digesting the healthier food better and adapting to the changes. But every time you give into the cravings or say "one cheat day won't hurt" your body will be overjoyed it doesn't have to change afterall and you end up back at square one.

    The same thing happens if you're healthy for a few days or a week then back to your old ways for a few days or a week - your body will ignore the healthier food because it knows you'll give it the junk food it is used to if it just waits you out.

    Think of it this way: You've been doing the same job every day for 20 years. Now they want you to take on extra responsibilities. They promise if you stick with the new tasks you'll be happier and might get more pay - but they can't guarantee it. You find out the new tasks are much more difficult to do than what you're used to and don't think you can learn how to do them well and within the time you're given. So for the first few weeks you try to do everything and realize you can't. The bosses are getting angry at you. You tell them you can't do it all, but they won't listen. So you start neglecting your regular duties to focus on doing the new tasks well, but no one trained you so you're doing it wrong. Your bosses tell you to fix it right now and do your old duties at the same time. You're frustrated and worn down so you have a few choices: you can go back to doing ONLY your old job, focus ONLY on learning the new tasks, or try to scrape through by trying to stick with doing part of your old job while trying to figure out the new job, but never doing either well. This is what your body is doing. Your body doesn't want to change jobs, but if it MUST change, then it must be able to focus ONLY on the new tasks: digesting healthier foods is more difficult even though it has better rewards.

    I hope this helps you understand why it's so hard to change.
    1439 days ago
    I heard there is something missing in the diet that we were deficient in. It's not created by the diet itself. It's something that will be helped by eating the nutrients in foods that are rich in it.
    1439 days ago
    At least you have a name for it. Be strong and you can do it.
    1439 days ago
  • THOMS1
    emoticon Step away from the toxic food! Have a great weekend. emoticon
    1439 days ago
    Through my studies into food and mindfulness I discovered that there are so many memories tied to food. Food is so much more then eating. It is preparing, socializing and smelling to name a few. I love to bake and still find great joy in it even if I nor my husband can't eat a crumb of it due to gluten and dairy intolerance. It brings back such good memories and it calms me now. Plus giving of the bake goods brings me joy. I still go to Subway for salads and enjoy the smell of the bread as a bonus with out any calories. I have been on this for almost 6 weeks on the " lose" the weight fastest mode and we both said last week we had strange cravings hit us. My husband wanted a beer and hot dog and I dreamed I ate a crisp pita chip with cheese spread. emoticon emoticon
    1439 days ago
    it takes 21 days to establish a good habit and banish an old one - if you make your meals and snacks with good foods and balance your plate with protein fats and good carbs your body should not crave - but your mind may still be in the wrong mode.
    that is the difficult part - i have watched Fuhrman do his seminar and he is right about how we are all sabotaged by the 'foods' which are not real and/or loaded with salt, sugars and other addictive substances without us even realizing it.
    you have to READ every label - and better still prepare all your meals yourself, with freshest ingredients available. buy in season veggies - freeze them (i have just done hoards of fresh beautiful blueberries) and pull out something every day THAT YOU HAVE PLANNED for . this way you will not get caught in that dreaded 'i have nothing to eat' syndrome and make things which will stop your progress.

    there is no timeline really - every one is an individual - you may be more active than i, i may have more stress than you - etc.
    just do what you know to be right and you will succeed.
    1440 days ago
    Ummm, well I have some thoughts that I hope are helpful.
    YES we are so used to eating foods we perhaps shouldn't , and in quantities that, well, we probably don't really need. We get used to that, and it takes some practice to break that habit, or at least slow it down.
    BUT that being said, there is a lot of research to confirm that some of our specific draw toward foods are because of the ingredients in them that actually create their own sort of withdrawal symptoms. A good example of that would be junk food items, since they are actually engineered to trigger more hunger, trigger a sort of reliance on them, etc. I totally agree with this one. Just ask my thighs...
    Also, I am a person who is allergic to gluten and dairy, but for some god awful reason, I crave it like crazy alllll the time. And substitutions just aren't worth it since I end up eating more- trying to fill that space that real bread or cheese would normally fill.
    Lastly, there is a lot of truth to research that states that you can crave certain things when you are lacking the vitamins and minerals that your body actually needs.

    BUT as for having true hunger pangs and for someone to say that if you ate some veggies that would make the hunger pangs go away, I'm a bit skeptic. I'd throw protein at hunger first, but that is what works for me. And I truly have a way to go on this weight loss journey, so feel free to wipe my opinion off the list : ))

    Good luck, don't stress too much about it. And if this isn't the food plan for you, that's ok too. I learned that from a spark pal. It was actually hard for me to hear that perhaps my food plan was actually making my body worse. Arg!
    1440 days ago
    You can do it!!!
    Dr. Oz Show Fans Team Leader
    1440 days ago
    hang in there . that day will come . when you can look hunger in the eye and not run for food . Mom always told me that if you are hungry you would eat whatever was at hand not be picky and say I want that bag of chips ot that cookie . good luck in your journey .
    1440 days ago
    Here's to banishing that toxic hunger!
    1440 days ago
    I wish you strength! emoticon
    1440 days ago
    Well, the answer doesn't make you less hungry. But maybe armed with that information, you can practice some tactics to get yourself through it... Good luck! emoticon
    1440 days ago
    Good thing to know! Thanks! emoticon
    1440 days ago
    Keep trying and don't give up!
    1440 days ago
    Hmmm....don't know what to say about the timeline for that toxic hunger to resolve itself. I would guess it's individual, but know it goes away. He really opened my eyes up to what I was eating and what it was doing to my body!

    1440 days ago
    That's certainly something to ponder!
    1440 days ago
    So many forget protean calcium and b vitamins We need them all Even Jesus ate fish
    1440 days ago
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