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Stress, Stress and more Stress

Friday, September 13, 2013

After last weekend, this has been a stressful week for me. On top of what happened with my mom and me discovering some very sentimental pieces of jewelry being stolen, my oldest son's car has broken down. It's an older car an 86, very hard to find parts for it. So I was letting him drive my 2nd car, which is a 96 and it has broken down on him too. His car it's something to do with the brakes. My car we have no idea, it just keeps dying when he tries to put it in gear. And due to the car issues, he may have lost his job, he was supposed to talk to his manager last night, so I'll find out the verdict on that today. This all within a week of him and his fiance moving in to their own place together. Hence no job, how do you pay rent / bills, and I am in no position financially to help.
Not trying to spill all my sorted life's details, just giving a bit of background as to the types of stress. I worry about my kids, like we all do, and my mom, and money. And it really shows in the way I feel and move!! I haven't slept well all week. I have eaten fairly well, but did go over my calories a small bit on a couple days. Exercise has been almost non-existent, only 30-40 minutes so far this week. I had just a bit over 5 lbs to lose to make my 5% for my challenge and felt I would be able to do that in this last 2 weeks. Now I am not very hopeful about that. I think this week may have done me in! Not completely! Just in making my 5%. We shall see, tomorrrow am is my weigh in day. I am hoping for at least a 1 lb loss, will be very happy to maintain and praying there is no gain!!

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