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Running around in the rain...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It rained on and off today. Walked Cooper 2 miles in the rain this morning. Went out to lunch with a friend. Lunch was a good, but it was more fried food than I am used to. I really enjoyed the fried pickle though. Yum! Took him home and went to my appointment. My doctor has been out for back surgery for about 6 months, but I found out today that he is back, so next time I go in I will see him instead of his replacement. Speaking of doctors... I have to go get more blood work done in the near future. They want to check my cholesterol level again. It has been coming down every time I have had it checked over the last 2.5 years, but he wants it lower. He wants my LDL below 100. (Does that sound right?) It is close, but it seems that 100 is the magic number. If it is still dropping without drugs I am going to refuse them again. I have worked hard to get down to only taking two medications. I want to stay with just two (I was on 28 different medications at one point). But I digress, I was telling you about my day... After my appointment I went back and picked up my friend again and took him to get his glasses at Walmart. Now, I hate going to Walmart so this was a HUGE favor. Dropped him back off at home and slipped by the vet to get Cooper's heartworm preventative. Then zipped off to the grocery store. I spent more than I wanted to today, but my friend handed me a wad of cash to "pay it forward"... Who am I to deny him? Took the car back to my parents' house and helped mom and her grandnieces and assorted others make copious amounts of tomato sauce. Good thing we were working outside, as the kids were making an awful mess. Anyway... got home and sat down and read for a while and waited to see if the rain would stop again since at that point it was pouring hard. It did stop and I got Cooper out for an hour's walk. Now it is time to eat some dinner and do some yoga... but not at the same time. LOL
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