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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Breakfast! I thought I'd show something different for a change. This is a bowl of muesli, with yummy scrummy berries and nuts. I mix the base then add whatever I have. At the moment I'm using, amongst other things, goji berries which are also sometimes known as wolf berries. They are tiny, but filled with all sorts of goodness including more protein than any other fruit. If you aren't sure what they look like, they are the red ones in the bowl. However, they come with a warning. You mustn't eat them if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol.

So that was the energy that started my day. It fills me up and I'm often not ready for my next meal at 'lunch' time, so I have to remember to eat. Of course, by the time I walk I have lots of food given energy waiting to be released, and today was no exception.

Last time I showed you this field there were a couple of cows grazing. Now it's being cleared before the winter and as you can see, someone will be having an enormous bonfire.

I walked around the lake, but I took a slightly different path for the middle section, and look what I found:

Glad I saw this, it's something to show the grandchildren next time we walk over there. The path I'm following is higher than the usual one, and gives glimpses of the lake.

This next picture shows the lower path. I'm at a crossroads on the top path - the other way leads to the car park through an area of heathland.

Before I get to the lower path, though, I have to pass through the picnic area and from there the view of the lake is much better.

I think I've mentioned that one side is close to a railway line.

I couldn't resist a picture of one that sped past.

Hope you've enjoyed the walk today. I've tried to show you sights not seen before. Tomorrow I'm walking 5k with my fellow team leader of the 12 Weeks Walking team. IMLOCOLINDA was kind enough to accompany me when I did mine, even though we are several thousand miles apart. I wonder where I will go? It might be more of the same, or........

Come and join us on the team for motivation and encouragement. We are really friendly

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