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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

As I'm sure most "serial losers" do, I've kept track of my weight loss for years! I have what I record on Spark and a spreadsheet that I've been keeping at work for over 6 years!

I'm happy to say, I'm still about 40 lbs. lower than I was back then, but I see a trend from the past 2 years (I met my goal in 3/2011). Around September, I'm 4-5 lbs. over and then the holidays hit and I find myself 10+ lbs. over at the beginning of the new year. I get back to goal in the spring/summer and then September rolls around again!

I know what the problem is. I get overwhelmed with the start of school and all the activities that my eating is crappy and I struggle to get in the exercise and then the holidays hit in late October and it's party time until January!

So, I've identified the problem, now what am I going to do about it! I weighed in this morning and I'm up 1.6, so now I'm 4.4 lbs. over goal (see the trend!). Time to stop it now. A little TMI now, but I'm also dealing with menopause and I'm not sleeping well, so that's a new "challenge". I normally would always get a good night's sleep.

Anyway, since we really try incorporating a healthy lifestyle in our family, I have a lot of things going for me that I didn't have in the past. DH is eating better and exercising more, DD#2 is very athletic and likes running and DD#1 & #3 are constantly nagging me to cook healthy meals (they hate fast food and eating junk!). I also hate eating "junk" and prefer healthier options, it's just finding the time to properly grocery shop & cook (and sometimes the motivation since I hate to cook).

Thankfully I still eat a healthy breakfast, pack a healthy lunch, drink plenty of water and eat 6+ servings of freggies a day (this is my life line!)

DH and I have just been "passing in the wind" lately with his schedule, so we're just doing the best we can. He usually does the grocery shopping, but he's just had time to pick up staples and we haven't had time to come up with a meal plan lately.

This is going to sound terrible (and sorry for the extremely long blog) but the last time we ate together (and DD#1 was at work), was last Wednesday for DD#3's birthday!

Last Thursday, DD#2 had a volleyball about an hour away so we got home late (they won both matches!).

Friday DH worked at night and I had to run around getting stuff ready for my weekend trip, so no dinner and no exercise!

I left Saturday morning to drive to Birmingham (about 3 hours away) with my mom, oldest sister, 2 cousins and an aunt for another cousin's daughter's wedding reception (I have a very large extended family with a lot of cousins). Lots of eating and again, no exercise (instead of using the hotel gym, I watched the Georgia football game!).

I got home Sunday late afternoon in time to watch the second half of the Falcon's game. I wasn't feeling well (I think it was from all the food I ate on Saturday - can you say gourmet cupcakes!) so we missed church, but I had to take DD#2 to youth group (second year of confirmation - so more stuff is going to be added to the calendar!).

Monday night we had Senior Night at the high school - more to stress about now getting DD#1 into college! Fortunately DH bought Subway, so at least we had something halfway decent for dinner.

Last night DD#2 had volleyball. They played at home and there were 3 other local teams (region match-ups). Our region is one of the toughest in the state for most sports and volleyball is no exception. 3 teams out of this region are in the Top 20 in the state. The first team they played is 4th in State and has 18 girls on the team (9 seniors who are all really good!). DD#2 has 10 players and only 1 senior (6 sophomores).

Anyway, they got slaughtered and ended up loosing one of their best players. I'm not sure what she did, but DD#2 was playing next to her and she went up for a "slam" and must have come down funny on her knee (haven't heard the final word yet on the the injury except nothing is broken, but it might be a torn ACL). She was screaming in pain and then passed out - DD#2 said she's never seen such pain in someone's face. There was a 40 min. delay because the didn't want to move her and then an ambulance came and carried her out on the stretcher. The other team was pretty "tacky" during this time - sometimes you just can't like a winner! So now DD#2's team is down to 9 players (not sure if the coach will bring someone up from JV - like the girl that DD#2 replaced or if he'll just go with 9)

They played pretty well the next match and the second game went 29-27, but they just couldn't "hang on". DD#2 said they just couldn't shake the team mate getting injured.

Anyway, it was late when we got home, but DH had stopped and picked up some salads from Publix, so I had that for dinner, but then I had a big bowl of frozen yogurt and snacked some more. I just really felt like eating!

DH and I are determined to run tonight. It's been over a week for me! We have to pick up DD#2 from practice and take DD#3 to youth group (again thankful that DD#1 can drive because she has to work!), but we should be able to work in a run.

Tomorrow is going to be insane - DD#2 has a tournament and they play 4 games (they get out of school real early). I'll have to leave a little early from work and we won't get home until after 9. DH will get to see most of the games. It's been a while since he's seen a game. At least DD#1 doesn't have to work, so she'll be home with DD#3. I'll have to pay her again to take them out to eat!

I promised DD#3 that we would play tennis on Friday (she's been wanting to try it out), so I bought some tennis balls and I'll scrounge up my old rackets. I used to play a lot before I hurt my tendon. I don't think it will be "intense", so my foot should be ok. At least I'll get some exercise!

So, I know I have a busy life, but as I mentioned before, this is nothing new. What needs to be new (and happen now) is to be more prepared so when I get home late or rushing around, I have something healthy to eat.

I need to stop the trend!
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    I've been coping with perimenopause and a new relationship that started this spring. I agree it's a struggle.

    But you've looked at it and figured out some strategies to help combat the stresses and chaos. I think the more automatic I can make my healthy behaviors and habits, the better. Which is way easier said than done, especially given your hectic life!

    Also I try to remember that we haven't really failed unless we've given up. In the end I'm about 8-9 lbs over my scream weight, and I think it's all the small attempts at damage control that have held it there instead of my fat piling back on at a rate of about 10 lbs per month (which I've demonstrated in the past I'm more than capable of. Yikes)

    1595 days ago
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