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V: verify

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We have run our race. We have entered the phase of the original poem that talks about the next steps - the recovery process. Link to the poem blog entry.

The full line reads "Verify Wholeness, eXamine, recover." On to Webster's:

"verify vt. 1 to prove to be true by demonstration, evidence, or testimony; confirm or substantiate 2 to test or check the accuracy or correctness of, as by investigation, comparison with a standard, or reference to the facts..."

Since we are talking transitive verb it takes on an object, that object in this case being "wholeness", the subject of tomorrow's blog.

At every transition, and for that matter, periodically, whether in athletic training, on the job or in life, it's important to take assessments of where we're at. Why else get on a scale, have an annual physical, or take a certification test? To verify that we are at a given point... or to find out where we are, so we can move onward in our journey, and find the next way point.

What ways do you use to verify your progress? In weight loss, sometimes it is the scale. Sometimes it is the way our clothing fits. Sometimes a tape measure gives us a point of reference. At times in search of health, it's the blood test numbers a doctor gives us from a lab test.

And as an athlete, it might be comparing our finish times in similar races over the years. It could be a self-test, a "magic mile". Tempered by factors such as weather, general health, etc., this can give one a good picture of progress or regression. But the whole idea of verification is that we know the truth about where we are.

Only armed with that verification do we have the tools to make a plan to get where we want to go NEXT.

And where *do* we want to go next? Well, that's up to each and every one of us. As for me, where I want to go next is to continue my tour of life in fit-land... to enjoy when I can, endure when I must, and LIVE life fully. Because...

LIFE is good. And WE are worth living it for! To Spark friends on the journey! emoticon Namaste. emoticon

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