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Sleep Deprived

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is perhaps my most insidious problem that I deal with every day.
3-4 hours of sleep daily.
Forgetfulness. Club business that will one day get me in hot water.
Increased hunger due to ghrelin. Urge to snack on salty snacks.
Loss of 11% IQ (I can ill afford to lose :P)
Clumsiness due to not being alert. (A knife dropped narrowly missing my foot -2nd time)
Low tolerance for adversity.
Impatience. Will not suffer fools gladly!!
Almost falling asleep in my scooter and narrowly missing ramming the curb.
Coming close to falling asleep at the bridge table on many an occasion.
Mental skills noticeably diminished from what they once were.
Been going on so long I can't even remember when it started!!
Making frequent mistakes and typing near gibberish at times and when I review it can't believe I wrote it!
Inability to rest in bed for long as the back pain ramps up. Tried pillows under the knees, everything -I have more pillows then bed :P.
I have no trouble falling asleep, its the constant wake ups that are the problem
Due to pain.
Uncontrolled for so long its mostly a background noise to me.
Allergic reaction to one of the better pain control drugs didn't help.
Not allowed sleep medications because of interaction with stuff I am already on.
Spark Radio was talking about this topic -its a huge problem that lots of people suffer from.
Another error -I clicked on write a blog by mistake -I meant to hit the Nutrition Feedback button that was next to it :PP.
A teaser photo from my trip -our first stop was at the Mountie's training grounds and historical museum -this was the mascot that greeted us at the entrance:

My soup tonight was out of this world awesome -pureed veggies with quinoa -my favorite beet being one of them, a find from the Farmer's Market. I don't have soup because I don't like store bought cans and I am not able to make them like my friend Watermellen. And also I tend to make a mess -there were beet red splashes all over me, the microwave and the kitchen counter by the time I was done :P
Enjoyed my Boxercise class again this morning, its really pushing me to my absolute limits. I managed a 45 minute step class this evening, but just barely. My favorite instructor is on tomorrow night with his boxercise class and step class back to back. I normally would take both, but not sure I can handle it as my fitness is still not where it used to be last year :( Oh how I miss those days of long ago where I could exercise pain free. I admit I was able to handle it better when I had drugs that worked and controlled my pain. But now I no longer have that crutch and just have to suck it up and go for it. The other problem is there is too many class choices and I am finding my favorites are conflicting :( I tried urban polling which I was wanting to learn the correct technique to use it on the street, but found the class not challenging to my level of fitness. And its opposite of Zumba. *sigh* Too many fall classes between the two facilities I go to. I need to be in two places at once!!
Thanks for stopping by my 'mistake'
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PCOH051610
    Spark Radio? Now I feel foolish as I didn't see the link to it until you mentioned it and I went looking for it. emoticon

    I'm so sorry that you are not able to sleep due to the extreme pain you are in. How you remain so upbeat is beyond me.

    1639 days ago
    I've had a similar not-sleeping problem, but not, thankfully, from pain but from the rapidly vanishing daylight.

    How short do your daylight hours get where you live?

    I hope that you and your docs find a solution for the pain that plagues you and keeps waking you.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon .

    1642 days ago
    Oh Linda dear, I'm so sorry that you're not getting adequate enough sleep! My Rheumy told me that I could take 1 Melatonin tab before going to bed because I can't hardly take anything else because of harming the liver. You would know all about that! I find that I still wake up every hr. or two, but I can go right back to sleep. I'm waiting for my Humira to kick in after having to stop it because of an infection. I feel that if I keep getting infections so I have to stop take any biologic, I'm going to visit a local pain mgt. clinic. Maybe that's what you could use too. Thinking of you with emoticon
    1648 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    1649 days ago
    Breaks my heart you are suffering from the pain more than you used too! You would think there is something out there they could find to help you! I find that my sound machine helps me sleep, and I have an air filter too for the allergies. I am used to the waking up every 2-3 hours due to pain- I usually can get back to sleep once I turn over. Maybe you could get up and make a cup of chamomile tea or some other relaxing tea and try again. I do that sometimes or have a snack...food makes me sleepy sometimes, especially with sugar in it. Also, I take naps too, if I need to.
    I hate exercising with pain too! It sucks!
    I love that photo! Can't wait to see the rest of your vacation ones! Aren't you supposed to go on 1 more vacation? Still going or did you already go?
    Have a good day --Hang in there my friend. emoticon
    1649 days ago
    Sorry you're not sleeping. I learned this week that our bodies absorb melatonin through our retinas in our eyes. Go outside like at 4:30 to 5:00 pm this time of year, without your glasses. Your body will absorb it and maybe it will improve your sleep. Hope this helps you, gf. It's helped me a little. You'll have to adjust the time as we get into winter.
    1649 days ago
    Geez Linda how I relate to this intrinsic problem of our society, and how it affects ur well being deleteriously! The whole shebang of synptoms u mentioned make life more difficult then it already is, as they say hang tough, I will be with my puppy dogs aseveral days that always makes me feel better :) Erica
    1649 days ago
    Pain is the number 1 reason for insomnia and I just can't figure out how to help myself any further. Very frustrating indeed.
    1649 days ago
    I hate insomnia. I too suffer. I have found that sticking to a routine is helpful. reading in bed works for me. And I take the over the counter sleep aide called Mid Nite and that works for me.
    Here's hoping you can find a solution.
    Have a great day
    1649 days ago
    Sending you emoticon thoughts my friend - glad you are keeping up with your exercise, but hope you can find some ways to power nap.

    1649 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your difficulties. I listened to Spark Radio tonight also. Hope that or anything can help. Best wishes, Glenn
    1649 days ago
  • ANDYGIRL1219
    1649 days ago
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