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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I am feeling a lot better today than I have been the past few weeks. Yesterday was a really good day, as far as diet/exercise goes. I tracked and counted every calorie I ate, staying under my daily goal. It was really busy at work so that helped me not eat out of boredom. Today, is not so busy so we shall see if I can stick with it. After work I headed over to Zumba. I get off of work at 5 but Zumba doesn't start until 7. I have enough time to go home and hang around for about 30 minutes if I wanted to but I don't see wasting the gas, since Zumba is on my way home. So I usually get to the church it is at and sit on the steps outside waiting on Lucy to get there (she is the instructor and usually gets there about 6:45). Yesterday was pretty warm but luckily where I was sitting was pretty well shaded. I just listened to music on my phone and messed around with my phone. It was so nice and relaxing. My sister, Kerri, and my cousin/friend April joined me last night. Leslie is on vacation so we won't be working out together this week. April has done Zumba somewhere else a few times but this was Kerri's first time. She said she was really nervous. Around 6:30 another lady came for Zumba and she sat with me waiting on Lucy. She started talking about how she can't find a job and some other stuff, but it got a little strange. I just kept telling her to hang in there and I hope things turn around for her but she just kept repeating the same things over and over. She was talking about how her friends from school are all getting jobs and posting it on FB and she said they are rubbing it, saying how it felt like they are stabbing her in the back with a knife... I was so happy when I saw April's car pulling into the parking lot! But once April and Kerri got there the lady started talking to April and afterwards April said the woman seemed a bit strange lol. Anyways. Once Lucy got there we headed in to get our Zumba on. Kerri seemed really nervous but I just kept telling her to just try to have fun, that’s what it is all about. Once we got started I think she got more comfortable. They both did great. I just love Zumba! They both said they want to come back and I hope that they do. The only problem I have with it is how crowded that small space gets. I've thought about finding a different Zumba class to take but I really like Lucy as an instructor. There is a church around the block from my house that has it on Tues. nights and I've thought about trying it out.

Being an idiot taking pics of myself while waiting on Zumba lol

On my way home from Zumba I stopped at McDonalds to get an ice water and vanilla cone. I love their vanilla cone and it is only 170 calories! When I got home I was still burning up. It is still pretty warm here in Ohio and with no air conditioning in my car I was still burning up when I got home. I didn’t think about it but when I walked into the house my dad was like whoa are you ok? Then my mom said something about how red I was. LOL I was like well I just worked out hard for an hr and drove home with no air conditioning so I am just a bit hot. My dad just couldn't believe how red my face was. He wanted my mom to take my blood pressure lol! I assured him it was just fine and after I had some more water and sat down for a few minutes I was starting to look a lot less scary. Tonight after work I am going to the gym. I plan on trying to get 5 days of cardio a week. Even if it’s just a walk on some days. I have 2 hours left of work and so far have not eaten anything off track. But I have to admit, I keep thinking about food. I have to learn to ignore that little voice in my head trying to get me to eat something. I just keep drinking my water and trying to stay busy.
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    Love Zumba-and you are right, every instructor has a little different take on it. I also like Hip Hop-something about a dancing workout!!
    1649 days ago
    Zumba is GREAT cardio. The hour class flies by as the calories melt off the body. Such fun! So glad that you enjoy the experience. Keep searching for other Zumba locations and watch out for a "party" where a couple of hundred people get together at one class. Its a blast!
    1650 days ago
    My Zumba class was cancelled yesterday. I was so disappointed.
    I love Zumba
    1650 days ago
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