riven Binge, Anyone?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So I *did* meet my goal of 121.5 pounds by August 31. I actually got down to an incredible 119 (at least for a few hours one morning). Can I tell you how exhilarating it was to be in the teens again? I felt really great about my accomplishment - so great, in fact, that over the course of the holiday weekend I ate a bunch of food and drank a bunch of alcohol and managed to regain three pounds in about 4 days.

Then - yes, then! I continued my splurge because I am starting a Paleo diet challenge next week, so in my head I decided that I could (and should) eat all the random crap I wanted to (ostensibly to clean out my fridge and pantry) until that starts. The pre-weigh-in was yesterday; I was at 124 pounds. That should have shaken me out of my food-induced torpor, but no - instead, I took the body-fat assessment news as reason enough to continue my binge. The skin-fold calipers' results say that I have 14% body fat. Which is ridiculous. That's what professional female body builders maintain off-season. Supposedly, women aren't supposed to get below 12% body fat or all sorts of health problems will occur (which is not true, by the way). I was told I could only lose 2% more body fat (which translates to 3 pounds of fat) during this challenge, so of course I used that as an excuse to eat like a crazy person yesterday. Big BOOOOOO!!! to me for losing all control and eating 2400 calories yesterday.

This morning didn't start off well, either. I hadn't gone grocery shopping before crossfit, so I ended up eating a couple of spoonfuls of almond butter on the way to the box. Then, I stopped at a new coffee shop after the WOD and lo and behold - they had gluten-free dessert breads and coffee cake. And then I went and bought tortilla chips to eat with my homemade salsa....So. It's now lunchtime and I've already consumed nearly half my calories for the day. The only way to salvage this day is to eat two small-ish (300-350 cal) meals before karate tonight and to not eat dinner when I get back. It should be do-able.

Stepping on the scale every day, even when I know I will cringe from the number, is the only way I can keep myself accountable. I can get so carried away, so easily, if I don't continually check myself. Hearing that I had such a low body at percentage that I really couldn't lose anymore made me feel like I had free reign to cram as much as possible in my mouth. Even when I *know* that can't be accurate. I definitely have more fat than that. I just used it as an excuse.

At any rate, I hope I have learned my lesson. Thank goodness I am increasing my crossfit attendance to 5 days a week. If nothing else, the additional activity will help me burn a few more of these binge-calories off. Note to self - celebrating your successes with food leads to failure. Find another way to celebrate.

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    I realized when I surpassed my goal (last time) that the hardest part was to maintain the weight. It was harder for me to maintain that lose. I had no goal and kinda got lost and caught up in food again.

    Find a goal (walking further, or making new healthy recipe each week w/o gaining, etc) or you will yo-yo over and over.

    I disagree with the body fat. The normal for a women is 20-25%. 20 is very healthy and to go under, it's usually body builders or marathon runners and this also messes with your hormones due to lack of body fat. I'd do more research if your at 12% and think you need to be under that.
    1651 days ago
  • PDAN04
    Thanks for your honesty. I am nearing my goal weight and have been wondering how I'll handle it. Seems we need to change our goals from a number on a scale to a new permanent lifestyle...

    1654 days ago
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