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Adventures with underwear

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WARNING- possible TMI so beware! emoticon

Yesterday I decided that it was time to get a proper bra fitting. I hadn't had a proper fitting since I lost the weight.

Here is a little background info. About 12 years ago I had a reduction since I had horrible back pain due to having a 36FF chest. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and always recommend women to look into it if they are in a lot of pain. After I had the surgery, I went down to a 36D. When I was at my highest weight I went up to a 40 D. emoticon All of this with a 5'0 frame. Not only is it a pain to find clothes that fit because I was overweight but it was harder finding clothes that would accommodate my chest. emoticon

I was able to go to a certain lingerie store and had a proper fitting. It was wonderful. emoticon She helped me get my new measurements and was able to find the bras that would fit me. I was in the changing room and it didn't even bother me that she saw me in my bra without a shirt. emoticon A couple of years ago I would have been horrified to have some one see me like that. I felt great with my new found bra knowledge. I was even happier with my increase in self esteem and positive self image. As soon as I get a job I will be going on a crazy bra shopping frenzy. emoticon

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    This is such a great topic - there's nothing worse than spending 12 hours in a dreadfully uncomfortable bra. Good for you for having it fitted properly!

    The first time I went for a bra fitting I was SO surprised to have the woman come in the change room WITH me! but like you said, got over it quickly and enjoyed getting a bra that was comfy.
    1619 days ago
    My daughter wants to get that done too and I agree that she needs to get it done since it does hurt her back too. Don't know where she got them but it was not from me. It has to be from her father's side of the family since allot of them have the big boobs.
    1622 days ago
    Your blog title "caught" me and I LOVED what you wrote. On my "when-I-get-down-to-200" list is "bra ftting." I actually keep this list on my phone. I've gone from 254 to 213 since January. So, soon and very soon! I keep reading about how important it is to get a good fitting bra. I can't wait!
    1624 days ago
    I'm a fan of getting the proper bra. The slogan of my shop is 'come in and have a fit'. glad you did!
    1625 days ago
  • ELMA1913
    Congratulations!!!!!! I can so relate! And it is amazing what a properly fitted bra will do for one's self esteem AND comfort. I just recently had to get some more bras and actually went down two sizes. What a difference it makes. Glad for you.
    1625 days ago
    Sounds like a great thing to do, I should do it after I have lost some more weight. emoticon
    1625 days ago
    That is great, you go girl!
    1625 days ago
    IMHO, proper fitting is necessary.
    1626 days ago
    1626 days ago
    Congratulations! What a feat to be more sure of yourself and pleased with your
    Progress. That's wonderful!!'
    1626 days ago
    Woot! What a great victory and especially the part about not being bothered at all by the fitting! emoticon
    1626 days ago
  • JESSIKA_56
    Good support is important! lol
    1626 days ago
    AA. Don't wear bras. (Might be AAA, come to think of it. Haven't measured lately!)
    1627 days ago
    Good for you for overcoming your insecurities and allowing yourself to get fitted!!! It was probably one of the best things you could have done for yourself!
    1627 days ago
    That's great! I like to get fitted for bras. The makeover shows say your size changes frequently -- I wonder if that's true. I haven't gotten a new bra in over a year so I'm about due.
    1627 days ago
    As an A cup girl I wish you could have gifted me a bit of your extra emoticon

    Dr. Oz Show Fans team Leader
    1627 days ago
    That's so great! I too have a very large chest for my height & being overweight obviously has made it worse. I am hoping when I get back to around 150 lbs (my favorite weight) that they'll go down. When I was 150 lbs before I was a C cup. Cannot remember the exact size, but it was great. I know that after gaining, losing, gaining, losing... when all is said & done they'll most likely not be the same size. So I may have to do some sort of surgery later on as well. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it though (; Congrats again, having a great bra & comfy boobs is a MUST!
    1627 days ago
  • KAREN608
    That's neat! I live in tiny town USA, so this will never happen for me. I just wear tshirts so even at a 48DD, I don't have clothes issues, not being a fashion plate. It would be great to be a smaller size down the road and get new bras. It's one of those things a gal does for herself that is special.

    One thing I know at my size right now, I can't buy any bra with plastic rings on the straps.... they crack and break ... just can't handle the stress of the girls.
    1627 days ago
    Had a fitting MANY years ago outside St. Louis. Just put as one of my BLC goals to finally go for another fitting.
    1627 days ago
    I have NEVER had a bra that fit! Where is the shop that fit you? I'd plan a vacation around a bra fitting!

    So happy for your success!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1627 days ago
    Woo hoo for you! I read quite some time ago that most women do not wear properly fitting bras. Good for you for doing it the right way. And what a great NSV! I have always been "top heavy" too but never really had the back pain some women get. I have 2 friends who have had reductions too, and like you, they say it is one of the best things they ever did for themselves. In a related matter, though I have lost only 30 pounds, I bought new panties last week (on sale, with a coupon) and went down one size. That made me smile!

    1627 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Blessings, JOY
    1627 days ago
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