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I feel like a Champion

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A year has come and gone at Sparkpeople. I started with a heavy weight of 73kg and am now close to losing 10kg - 64kg at the moment.

Despite the loss being humble with a good few ups and downs, change of hearts etc - I still feel like a champion.

The best thing was my husband's comment the other day where he said I was doing awfully great sticking to this thing for so long - he said if I had given up at any point I wouldn't look the way I do right now - which is great to hear.

He's finally on board and accepting my weight loss - but more so since I started toning with kettlebells - oh yes, he can see the difference! And he doesn't mind the diminishing of my former self any more.

I'm so glad I didn't cave in completely!

I feel like a champion. I've cracked it.

Most days I'm not even thinking or panicking about what to eat.

I still remember the yo-yo days - 2 weeks of self-sacrificing low carb and then back to eating unhealthy - and rinse and repeat - and it was ruining my physique as I was just not getting the nurtrients I needed.

Besides the stress was killing me - always panicking about the next meal - everyone eating everything and I was saying no and missing out.

Now I can eat anything i want so long as my calorie count adds up.

The best thing?

If I really have to have something indulgent - I can easily make that day a maintenance day. - No loss and no gain - stay the same - then the next day I'm back to weight loss mode and continue on my way.

I love those days where I feel like I can't make the deficit so I just eat the calories I need to maintain for that day. It almost feels like cheating.

But I know I couldn't have done this before because I was eating way too much.

Now that portion sizes are down, without feeling any hungrier as my stomach has adapted, I feel fine eating the right amount - and it's been like this for quite a while.

Thank you sparkpeople!
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