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Challenging day on Lake Erie

Monday, September 09, 2013

Went kayaking today. We are trying to complete the shore line of Lake Erie from Ripley, NY to Buffalo, NY. We have one more days worth of paddling and we will have accomplished this. That is a lot of miles of paddling. Today there was a pretty breeze out on the lake. We started at Woodlawn Beach State Park and went south to a point near Pinehurst. We were fighting a headwind on the way out. Jeremy got pretty far ahead of me at times. No surprise since I am still paddling my 12 foot Pungo (named Peri), and he is in a 17.7 foot Titan. On the way back I actually had the advantage, because we had a tailwind and the waves were pretty bossy and pushing us around. Peri is Very Stable, so I just got into a cadence with paddle strokes and plowed ahead. Jeremy, on the other hand, is still adjusting to his boat so he had to keep constantly adjusting and bracing to stay upright. Just as well he stayed in his boat... I didn't feel like attempting a rough water rescue today. I will have to try it sometime I guess, but nope, not today. It took us 2.25 hours to get to our turn around point and only about 1.75 hours to get back to our launch point, so you know that was some breeze!

There was a lengthy carry to get our boats down to the water, and since our boats are such disparate lengths we can no longer four hand carry them (that is when you carry two boats at once). I also walked the dog twice and did some yoga. I am pretty tuckered out now.
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