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Big Learning Curve.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Logging in early as I am out till quite late tonight.

I am on such a huge learning curve today and I am a little stressed by a difficult meeting I am going to have this evening. I am chewing sugar free gum like mad! I thought I was a preety laid back person but actually I do react to stress. Light bulb moment - maybe excercise is a way to deal with stressful life events. I should take a walk when stressed if convenient.

The learning bit is getting to know all the tools available to me. I think this is going to take the best part of the week to get used to:

1. I am using the fitness log to record my pedometer readings, however, as walking is my workout at the moment I need to time and record these above my daily step allowance. My fitness log is telling me that I am overdoing the daily steps log but I have nothing logged in the workout sections. I have just worked out the mileage in my usual walks so now I can start timing them to get the accurate speed that I am walking. I am going full guns with my walks, enjoyable and effortless! I love them but I want to start upping the tempo now so I get a better workout.

2. I now want to add some strength excercises 3 days a week with small weights - I have just found some simple 15 min sets on spark, but where the hell did I stash my redundant weights - need time to look for them tommorow morning.

3. I have just worked out that I have a heart rate zone for the most effective calorie burn. Now I have to learn how to utilise this.

4. I have not got to grips with the food log here, I am using a different programme on my phone. But Iwould like to link it all up here. I have started to look and record on paper my logs so far but I would now like to get a bit more detailed and look at fat, carb, protein content so I know what to eat exactly. I thnik I probably need a good month or so now to define my goals. For now eating better and getting on the move.

4. Food element of my programme is going so well, I am so pleased at how well I am eating and not really having a tantrum at having to change. The only day I have really felt a bit hungry is today but I think that's because I nearly fasted the whole day yesterday (a Christian fast) I will probably do this once a month with my church starting with half day progressing to a 3 day but that 's probaly well into next year! and nothing to do with my weight loss programme really . I have still maintained healthy eating today.

5. I have been undereating because I have cut out a lot of unhealthy habits but have not yet learned what to replace them with. Today I had a afternoon snack to see If I can remedy this a bit. There seems to be a huge gap between lunch and dinner! Once I return to work it's probalby going to grow larger e.g 12.30pm to about 8pm probably. I need to acquire some heallthy in between snacks.

6. Vegetable sticks are very good and if I cut them small enough I can actually chew them (my teeth have seen better days!)

7. I have about three weeks of food log now, so I am beginning to analyse them now, I have not finished looking at them yet but I will log my results here. At the moment I can already see that breakfast was a big issue which I seemed to have resolved (I hated eating breakfast), lunch is also a bit of a poor affair - I think this is where I was eating most of the junk, so now there's not much left. I think this is a challenge, I want to go back to work soon so won't be able to cook or prepare much in the middle of the day. I'm not a huge fan of bread - I have been adding one or two slices during the day but even that is a huge achievement. I think I am going to have to prepare things at weekends and in the evenings to take with me. Thinking cap on ( I have already prepared a lovely butternut soup - which I have freezed in batches - that's one recipe)

8. Took my waist measurement - not good, apparently I am apple shaped. Where did that beautiful hourgalss go :( even I can see that my tiny waist has gone for a burton (english slang). So onwards and upwards, I am totally determined to get there.

Sorry to have gone on a bit today for my readers but I am using my log to track my progress - I'm finding that it's really helping to write it here, I can for the first time ever see a bit of where I am heading where my body and health are concerned.
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