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Running Journal -- Post Flu: 09/01 - 09/07/2013

Monday, September 09, 2013

OFF SEASON WEEK 14 (Recovering from the flu)

Distance: 6.3 miles (7.3 miles total)
Intervals: :20/:30 (1-2)
:40/:20 (3-4)
:50/:20 (5-6)
Location: Gym Track
Enjoyment Level: 2+ (out of 3)

Mile Splits: 10:57 / 10:42 / 9:43 / 9:53 / 9:42 / 9:33

Notes: I felt really good for the first 3.5 miles. I was aware of some fatigue towards the end of mile 4, so I extended the run segment and slowed down a little. I think the problem was partly physical but also a lot mental. My brain is still being cautious. As an experiment, I pushed the last mile just a little and really didn't have any big problems. I was glad to be done after 6, however.

I'm going to play this week by ear. I want to get in a real long run by the end of the week.

Rest Day

Easy Run
Distance: 4 miles (5 miles total)
Intervals: :20/:20 (1-2)
:25/:20 (3-4)
Location: Gym Track
Enjoyment Level: 2+ (out of 3)

Mile Splits: 11:06 / 10:40 / 10:34 / 10:12

Notes: Sunday's run turned out to be harder on me than I realized at the time I was running it. That night, I was really tired and felt like I had run 20 miles, not 6. I was still tired the next day, so made it a rest day. Clearly I need to be more patient. The flu effects linger longer than the actual illness, that's for sure.

I cut back the interval and the distance today. I felt like I had at least another mile in me, but I stopped anyway. Hopefully I will recover better from today's workouts. In addition to the run this afternoon, I also had a ST session in the morning and PT in the early afternoon, before the run.

Rest Day
Sports Massage

Easy Run
Distance: 5 miles (6 miles total)
Intervals: :25/:20
Location: Gym Track
Enjoyment Level: 3+ (out of 3)

Mile Splits: 9:53 / 9:47 / 9:43 / 9:42 / 9:39

Notes: I felt great from the start of the run. Orders of magnitude better than on Tuesday. And Tuesday felt pretty good (at the time). My stride felt loose and smooth -- I felt like my legs (and the rest of me) were just flowing along, barely skimming the track.

I was surprised that one day of rest had made so much difference and then stunned when I saw the first mile split. And then it hit me -- I had a sports massage yesterday. It was a difficult one because I had lots and lots of trigger points (i.e. scar tissue knots) in my legs, some of the worst were in my calves. He got most of them to release. The result was not only legs that felt much fresher today but a stride that covered more ground with much less effort.

Rest was not ever going to fix those trigger points.

Rest Day

Rest Day
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