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34 Things To Do

Monday, September 09, 2013

I turned 33 today and I figured since I'm here I'll start this year by making a list off 34 things I want to do before I'm 34.

0.Do not be so hard on myself. I have random bouts of depression because of my fibromyalgia. I am not weak. I take care of myself AND my grandma. I am strong even when I feel weak.

1. make a new friend( or 50)
2. pray more
3. do daily RAOK. random acts of kindness. AKA leaving a note for a stranger telling them how amazing they are or baking cookies and putting them in the neighbors mailboxes.
4.listen more without judging
5.learn to love my sister-in-law more...
6.learn how to braid my hair
7.pray for the people i do not like instead of judging them
8.color my hair purple or pink or some wild coloring
9. write again. at least one poem and one short story like i used to something nice for myself DAILY (this is a TOUGH one for me) something that will make my brain think
12.find a good church so i can make new friends and grow in god
13. find 33 things i love about myself myself cinnamon gummy bears
15.learn how to make jewelry
16.learn how to make tiramisu myself a package of crayons with ALL colors and a coloring book and stickers
18.find some strange new hobby
19.find an amazing little black dress
20.use my *fancy* stuff I save for special days everyday. I deserve to be celebrated daily.
21. celebrate how much i have in life and do not look back.
22.visit a nursing home my bible daily
24.make beef jerky
25.learn how to make homemade bread everyone even the ones i do not like more selfish. sounds silly but i do more for others than for me
28.look in the mirror and smile everyday
29.find somewhere with a kerioke place and sing my heart out happy with less
31.simplify my life by focusing on those who i love and love me back and not looking back
32.accept compliments(not everyone in the world is mean and evil)
33.accept that it is OK to still enjoy stuff I did when I was a kid.
34. Get a tatoo in memory of my mom. (this is something my brothers been asking me to do since 2011 when mom passed so I hope I got the nerve this year)

I'll probably print this out and check it off as a I do.
It feels good to have goals to look forward to it.
A lot is stuff I already do but I want to continue in them. I want to grow and be closer to God.

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