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6 Weeks No Junk Food Streak Evaluation

Monday, September 09, 2013

I began this streak as a challenge because my junk food snacking was way out of control. I challenged myself to go one week without junk food. I did that easily so added a second week, taking me to a two day visit from my Mom. I figured Iíd never get through her visit without junk since she loves dessert and we always go shopping and buy candy at the checkout. I told her what I had been doing and she didnít want to break my streak, so we bought no candy and dessert was ice cream for DH and Mom and frozen yogurt for me. From there I just kept going one week at a time.
My no junk streak is now 6 weeks long. Iím so amazed that Iíve been able to do this, I never really thought I could stay away from junk food for this long. In the past 6 weeks the only junk food Iíve had has been cheesecake when friends were here and 2 small pieces of pound cake on two different days when Mom was here. Totally amazing !

Observations from the past 6 weeks Ė

The longer I go without the junk the less appealing it becomes.
Just sniffing a bag of chips or treats from the bakery section at the store is satisfying.
It feel s SO much better to eat a healthy snack like fruit or yogurt.
Before the streak when I ate junk food as a snack Iíd feel sluggish afterward.
I havenít been planning any snacks during the day since being on the streak, instead Iíve been eating a little more at meals to meet my calories and havenít been hungry between meals.
When I get the urge to snack I stop and think first and notice if Iím hungry. Most of the time Iím not. Iíll want to eat because Iím tired or bored, not hungry, so I skip the snack.
Iím paying much more attention to how I feel before and after I eat.
The times I had a sweet for dessert I really didnít enjoy it.
Iíve had no problem resisting junk food even when my husband sits and eats it.
Saying ďno thanksĒ when offered junk has been no problem.
Iíve gotten to the point where not eating junk seems natural and normal.
Iíve lost 5 pounds since the streak started, with no effort. (Iíve been above my
maintenance range for a while, only 6 pounds away now)
At this point in my streak Iíve begun to allow myself to have junk food, like chips or pretzels, if I want it. So far I havenít. Each time Iíve thought about having chips with a sandwich, or pretzels as a snack Iíve had second thoughts and decided ďnope, theyíre empty calories that I donít want or needĒ and Iíve passed on it.
One day last week I had a really rough day. My pain level was way up, I was super tired from sleeping poorly the night before, my energy level was zero, and I felt like I just wanted to do some comfort eating. My husband was out for a while and I thought to myself ďI could hit that bag of chips and heíd never knowĒ. My very next thought was ďbut Iíd knowĒ. I did NOT eat those chips. Instead I grabbed some yogurt, added some frozen blueberries to it and savored it. Thatís a total about face for me and Iím so proud of that ! I even told my husband about it later and he said he was really proud of me.
Iím going to keep doing exactly what Iíve been doing and believe that this is my new normal - junk food is no longer a regular part of my diet. Iíll have it if I really want it but I wonít buy any for me or include it as part of a meal or snack.
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