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I Missed a Great Opportunity!

Monday, September 09, 2013

My binge-free streak continues on, in spite of having a day with a little bit of a battle keeping out of the kitchen yesterday. I stayed at the low end of my calorie allowance anyway. But the afternoon was one of a feeling of just not quite feeling content.

I don't imagine it was anything about being content with foods I ate for the day, but with feeling happy with myself. No obvious reason. Just a blah feeling. No motivation to do anything. Hubby even offered to take me canoeing which I've asked him to do with me soon. It never seems to fit in. We haven't gone in years. But I said no! How ridiculous! Here I am, sulking around, and he offers (though he was in the middle of working in the yard landscaping, and I knew he'd really rather keep doing that, but would make a sacrifice for me). Today I look back and see what a big mistake I made in saying no. It would've been a really special time, especially since we will be apart for two weeks starting Thursday. I am kicking myself today! But I have to make the best of the last three days, and not beat myself up for this. LIving in regret will only distract me from making the most of this time we have. I've concluded that on the weekend I was living in the future, not able to live in the moment, thinking only how I couldn't wait for getting on the plane and finally being with my parents. This morning I came to that realization and made up my mind to enjoy each day and each moment leading up to my trip.

I have planned to make him a batch of favorite cookies to put in the freezer for him, like I did last time. He really enjoyed that. He is so good at eating two a day and not eating the whole batch, like I used to do. He can take out a couple at a time and they'll stay fresh. I'm also going to make him a pan of stuffed shells. Something easy to reheat in the microwave for a few nights. He could even have our son over for a meal. Hubby will do fine fending for himself while I'm away. I just want him to know I was thinking about him and wanted to leave him something special. (I never cook, so I know he'll appreciate the effort. My shells are really good, and I'll miss out! Maybe I can make a pan of them for my parents, too!)

We both have Macs, so we can do FaceTime. That helps me not feel so lonely for him. I started packing on Saturday. I had to decide between just using carry on, or my huge monster of a suitcase. Seems my small one will be perfect. Last time I brought a pair of my larger pants, so I'd be comfortable if I gained weight! I am NOT doing that this time. I am planning on sticking with my plan!

Any ideas for things I could do to make my time special with hubby the next three evenings? Tonight is date night anyway. We are going to Cracker Barrel. Maybe a walk at the Mall? If we go straight home after eating, he will just want to go out in the yard. We could watch a movie. We don't have cable, but we do have AppleTV. That is the extent of fun things we do together. We are not very creative with our times together. He is a quiet kind of guy. Now if it were up to me, we'd go dancing! Haha! Now you can see why I wish I'd said yes to canoeing!

On a happy note, I did get busy bustling around the house cleaning. Got the island in the kitchen cleaned off. My end table in the kitchen straightened up. Lists made for the trip and for things to do before going. Tackled a few of those things, too. Felt better after doing those things. Lots planned for today. Here I go!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KANOE10
    Great job on staying binge free. Hope you enjoy your time with your husband before you leave. Have a great vacation.
    1648 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Keep up the great work. emoticon
    1649 days ago
  • LARISSA238
    I hope you have a good time on your vacation! I know it's hard to leave your DH alone for a couple weeks. I go to see my mom every now and then and I miss him so much. We have Skype, so we can talk face to face. As for doing special things, going for walks, watching movies, reading funny stories together, and just going to dinner and talking for hours is fun. Geo and I used to have our dates at Taco Bell when I was on unemployment. We would sit there for a couple hours and just talk. It was so nice to spend so much time with him. The people that worked there knew us too, it was so nice. They would know what we were getting and I didn't have to remind them of special orders (no rice in burritos). *hugs* Have fun!
    1649 days ago
  • ANGGEL40
    Awww,,you are so sweet..nothing like love for your hubby..I hope you enjoy your date night..oh, how about taking a walk together or just sitting outside at night looking at the stars..either way enjoy your hubby! Thanks for sharing
    1649 days ago
  • _JODI404
    emoticon on your continuing binge free streak -- that is awesome!!

    Sounds like you have some thoughtful ideas for hubby in advance of being away -- I'm sure he will appreciate your baking & cooking efforts.

    Is it a possibility to canoe on one of these 3 days?

    I hope you have a wonderful trip & FaceTime will definitely be wonderful for not missing hubby so much!

    1649 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Great blog! I always get a bit down when getting ready to go away, even when I'm looking forward to it! I think you have thought it all through well; now just enjoy the next few days with DH.
    1649 days ago
    Cooking together is always fun - especially grilling outside.
    1649 days ago
    We all have blah days!

    I like that you are making the effort now to enjoy each other's company. My husband and I are a lot like you and your husband...same ole same ole! My husband really appreciates back rubs, so that might be an idea. Sometimes I try a new recipe, or get cheeses for us to try together. I plan the portions so it fits, but just doing something new together is fun. A new board game to play?

    Have fun with this! Your husband is a lucky guy!
    1649 days ago
    I understand how you feel. You guys sound a lot like me and my husband. Make the most of the next three days. Game night and movie night sounds like good ideas.

    Nothing beats a good hug, lots of hugs!

    1649 days ago
    Enjoyed your blog. You are doing great! Keep up the good work.
    1649 days ago
    Look at you go! You guys can go on a nature walk, rent movies from the library, have a cooking night together, or a board game night. Maybe you can write him letters for each day that you are gone and he can read each day. Congrats on being binge free.
    1649 days ago
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