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Sunday, September 08, 2013

the title of this blog is nothing groundbreaking or innovative. i think everyone is aware that in order to achieve success in ANYTHING, you have to have a plan.

i was reintroduced to this idea last week.

i started a new job last Tuesday. i'm in training for 8 weeks, so i must report to another facility for the training along with all of the other new hires. we will then report, after successful completion of the training, to our regular district offices.

i didn't bring any lunch with me. i figured there would be places around to grab something. i also wasn't sure if there would be lunch rooms with refrigerators to store our food. well, they have two lunch rooms with several refrigerators, vending machines, a little snack room to buy snacks and water, and microwaves. i was very happy to see that. the first day i walked with a classmate to subway, which was only a block away. however, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot and humid. by the time i got to subway, i was dripping with sweat. it doesn't take much for me sweat, but when i'm not working out and have some anxiety, it worsens. so i just went with it and let my body do what it needed to do to cool itself down. i grabbed some napkins and wiped my face while in line. i ordered a footlong and some water and we walked back. it was so hard to eat even after sitting in the air-conditioned lunch room. i was still sweating.

now let me say that i received my badge with my photo on it i had taken weeks before on this day. that was my FIRST wake-up call. i couldn't believe how full my face looked, and i just knew i was looking hot. the 230 pounds has really shown up on my face. the second was not being able to eat without having to wipe sweat from my face and feeling sticky and feeling sweat drip from my back and down into every roll and crevice of my body. the extra weight causes my body, cells, and heart to work harder. i'm so glad i stopped smoking over a year ago. the extra weight is unhealthy enough.

earlier that morning, i sat a table during my first break with another young woman. we struck up a conversation and she begins to tell me about her weight-release journey. she had lost 10 pounds already. she's doing some sort of bootcamp along with some eating plan. so i told her about my challenges and the many "plans" i've done in the PAST. so she asked me, "so what is your plan now?" that question rendered me mute. it dawned on me that I didn't really have a plan. i just wing it. i read different things, i try different things, i love juicing and drinking smoothes, but i don't have a plan for releasing this fat from my body. i had to get honest with her and myself in that moment.


so i told her that we could encourage each other for the next 8 weeks and check up on each other when we bump into each other. we are both confident that with our PLANS, we can see results by the end of 8 weeks. i began to get excited.

so that night, i prepared my juice, made some sandwiches, and kept that up all week. although i did not exercise, it was crucial for me for get into the habit of preparing my meals. since it was so hot and money is tight (at the moment), walking to get lunch was NOT an option for me. so i needed to make sure i had meals to cover break times, lunch, and the long ride home. by the time i would get home, i would have some water and be done. thankfully, it was enough. friday evening and saturday, i wasn't as intense so i have decided to officially make sunday my "cheat day." I will plan what I will cheat with the closer the day gets.

so today, i have spent some time creating a weekly meal plan and exercise plan. my daily caloric intake is around 1390-1400 calories. I will watch dipping below 1200 calories however. i also plan to eat 4-6 small meals a day, using my break and lunch times at work to achieve this. the weekends may be three meals with snacks, but still within the same calorie range. i may increase the calories as the weeks go on and when i get paid. right now, i have to use what i have. :)

I will be alternating between HIIT and low-intensity workouts. my low-intensity workouts will be with weights. i have created a four-month workout plan using Insanity and another DVD that incorporates weights. I will alternate daily. the goal is to keep my curves, strength, tone, and achieve POWER. i have one day of rest on sunday, which is also my "cheat day." it is possible to "cheat" healthily. I also plan to drink no LESS than 8 cups of water a day. if more is required, then of course i will drink.

four months represents a quarter of a year. so from september through december, I should see some wonderful results. I've tried Insanity before. I had 14 glorious days. i didn't see any weight drop (my eating wasn't the best), but my body was getting stronger. i also plan to increase my weight poundage by 5 pounds every month (depending on my strength level) to put more stress on my body to change. i do want to ultimately be lifting heavy weights next year. but first, we release the weight, tone and strengthen to avoid loose, sagging skin. it is possible and i will master this. i have seen then done on people who had more weight than i want to release and they did it without surgery.

so this is my plan for success! mid-way will be the 8-week mark when i graduate from training for my job. however, the end of december plus two and a half weeks in January, I will have completed 60 days of the insanity (alternating days) and be ready to either do a second round or change up my routine altogether.

my ultimate goals:
1. feel confident naked!
2. wear super-low jeans/pants (which means my abs will be HOT AS HECK!)
3. purchase a very expensive bikini to show off my hot bod at the beach or pool somewhere.
4. wear my high heels again with comfort and ease
5. train for and run a half marathon
6. train for and run a full marathon in honor of my father
8. achieve flexibility - i.e., bendy yoga - i want to do hand- and forearm stands and splits against the wall.
9. pole dancing
10. have a personal photoshoot, including wardrobe changes, hair, and makeup!

i'm so smiling right now.

my 8-week milestone rewards:
1. purchase a digital scale - one that calculates EVERYTHING! :)
2. a spa day

my 4.5-month milestone rewards:

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
MORGANTHEFAY 8/30/2014 7:37PM

    Wow, what a great post! This is a great plan. How are you doing with it? I started something similar July 1st. I started doing the Couch to 5K program, and stopped eating wheat and refined sugar. I also tend to follow a low carb diet. I have a couple of diabetic people I live with, and one of my goals is to show them I can live without the sugar or the bread easily.

Is there any way you can build in shorter milestones? Something shorter than 2 months? Something achievable on a weekly basis?

Your goals move you, that's fabulous! Good luck and keep us posted!

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