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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Well it's certainly been an interesting week. You all know about my hospital visit. The chest pains haven't stopped. But I know why they haven't. It is indeed stress. I'm usually perfectly fine when I'm at home after about the end of the day Tuesday. But the second I see my work place, they start up again. Goes on all day until I run out the door and get home. Definitely not good, I know. I am looking for another job, I promise. I'm checking out the state's workforce center website every day and checking the weekly paper for job openings I would be good for. Just trying to keep my eyes open and my hopes up. But at the same time, the realist in me doesn't want me getting my hopes up too high because chances are EXTREMELY slim of finding another job in this stupid black hole of an area. I guess we'll see what happens. But I am doing the best that I can to find some ways to help tame down my overly stressed out body. I'm trying to get back to exercise, but I'm not gonna get my hopes on that for this week at least due to the fact that the wedding is just 6 days away and there's still so much to do and I'm stuck staying an hour late at that evil place to make up for the hours I had to call in sick, and to top it all off, I'm getting a sore throat thanks to my lovely fiance who caught a bad chest cold last week. And I need to clean the house today. I would let it go and just not care if it weren't for the fact that people were going to be coming over soon. So if anybody has a housecleaning fairy, could I PLEASE borrow it so I can rest? I'd appreciate it a lot. But yeah, I've decided to start drinking chamomile tea every night that I have to work to try to ease things down that way. Um, I think that's it for an update for today. I don't think I'll be blogging next weekend due to everything going on. Finally getting around to saying "I do" if my voice hasn't disappeared. Man I hope not. But I'll blog when I can and post pictures and everything. So, take care everybody!
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    My last job was just like that, but exercise really helps me get my stress out, even know that I have an amazing job. I didn't think I would find a better job either, but there is something out there that's perfect for you, you just have to stay positive!
    1653 days ago
    You've already gotten some good advice, so I'll just say take a few moments to breathe, keep your positive attitude up on finding another job, and don't worry too much if the housecleaning fairy doesn't make it. You and your fiance are getting ready to make a lifetime commitment to each other. Relax and enjoy building a happy memory together!

    1655 days ago
    I've had a lot of experience with anxiety in the past and I'm trying to think of some advice to give you. I get chest pains, pounding heart, and light headedness usually. You have to be careful or it could progress to a panic attack. If you haven't had one, those are scary but not physically harmful (e.g. not life threatening). The main thing that helped me was doing CBT training but you are pressed for time so here are a few tips. Try taking a fully 5 seconds to breath in and out. My counselor told me that a lot of anxiety symptoms are really symptoms of getting less oxygen because we are anxious and thus breathing more quickly. That is, a full 5 seconds to breath in and out again. Progressive relaxation has also helped me. It's where you go from head to go relaxing various body parts. For example, relax your face, relax your jaw, relax your neck, relax your shoulders, relax your back, ect.

    The most CBT like thing you could do right now (without actually taking the course) is to write out the specifics of what is troubling you. These are called 'hot thoughts' and tend to be the kinds of thoughts that trigger bad emotional reactions (like anxiety). Then find evidence against that statement. For instance, you have faced obstacles in your life and overcome them. You have been in stressful situations before and you have stuck it out. There is also the possibility that you can find another job and that you can make it through work until then. This should allow you to revisit your original hot thought with a bit more positivity. When you do that, you create a more balanced thought like "this is hard but I have overcome obstacles before" rather than "I can't do this".

    I've actually been having a return of a lot of my anxiety symptoms this week and after spending some time writing things out this way, I do feel a bit better.

    It's worth a try anyways!

    You could make it a point to try it in the evenings this week as you will be sort of mentally gearing up for the next day :)

    1655 days ago
    emoticon Good luck finding a new job. I live in rural b.f.e and there are a few jobs hiding out I'm sure your area has a few floating around too!

    Best of luck with the wedding!!! Don't let all the stress bring your happy day down!
    1655 days ago

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    Wow, sounds like you are REALLY having a rough time at work. I hope you can find another job and get away from there asap!

    I wish I had a housekeeping fairy! But good luck getting it all done, and getting some time to relax in between.

    And HUGE good luck with the wedding!

    1655 days ago
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