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Sept 7, 2013 - Accomplishments

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Wow, it is Saturday, Sept 7, 2013. This year has zoomed by. I have been through so much, yet I am slowly making progress. Well, Stress is becoming a lot lot less. I am officially no longer in an apartment. I no longer have any responsibility to any children, let alone, adult children. I succeeded in getting the last one out the door and into a studio apartment with her two babies. She lives not far from us. We managed to find a pretty ghetto studio for her but one she could afford. We painted and cleaned it. It is her home now. I took her to get her drivers test and she passed and got license, and just a great feeling to get her totally situated. She is very attached to her dad and I.

My trip to Vegas was AWESOME! Saw the Grand Canyon too. Wow, was it fun. It was really good to see my husband's family and meet his brother for the first time. My flight was well. I was a little anxious, but did ok. I self talked myself down. I am looking forward to my trip to Arizona.

We found a studio apartment for daughter 8.2 miles away from us! I got my internet hooked up, I saw the nurse on Friday. All is well with my defib. They made a minor adjustment to it. I have the defib heart monitor, bp, scale, all setup including my phone line and internet. It tracks my activity so accountability is there. They are pleased with all of my activity and wow is it accurate. I am tired. I need to take it easy next few days. I really have been over doing it. I push push myself, but time to rest up.

I feel like I am rambling so off to bed I go. I did do a bike ride and burned 532 cals per my heart rate monitor and was in zone 44 minutes per my monitor and it matched what the defib monitor showed :-).

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