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treadmill, shoes and melissa gilbert...

Saturday, September 07, 2013

well, these past few days have been very stressful. some good stress, some not-so-good.

just a heads up, this blog is probably gonna be all over the place... so i am sorry ahead of time. emoticon

money is tight for my family... just like it is for most people. my husband and i work long hours, and many days to make ends meet. (again, like most families)... our car broke down...AGAIN. in the past few months we have put over $2,000 in to it. this time, like previous times, it is something major. it is an older car, so of course there will be problems, but it is getting a little over the top now. i have been very consistent with my eating and exercising for quite sometime, but after the car broke down, i just couldn't hold it together. i fell apart and had a mcdonalds quarter pounder with cheese, large fries and large coke emoticon emoticon emoticon , and of course, my ultimate vice... MILK DUDS! emoticon . my work has been stressful, family has been adjusting to new jobs, back to school, ect., then this. and this new repair will probably be $500... at that amount, it might as well be $5,000. we have tried to get loans in the past, for a new used car, but haven't been able to get one. i have no idea how we are gonna do this.

so, i am so stressed, and now have just DEVORED mcdonalds (seriously, i don't think i even tasted it). emoticon but instead of doing what i normally do, have serious thoughts of vomiting up everything, going to bed, and cover my head... guess what i did?

i asked my husband if we could go for a walk! emoticon it wasn't a fast pace, at all, but i talked out how i was feeling. we still do not have any idea what we are going to do, but at least we walked and talked about things. emoticon

i was supposed to go to a block party this evening with my family, but with things still so stressful, i needed to stay home. i know this might not be what others think i should do, but i know if i would have gone, i would have eaten WAY too much to "self-medicate", emoticon emoticon and maybe had a few drinks emoticon , making me feel worse. so, instead, i went grocery shopping and got a lot of healthy foods! AND i did one of my workout dvds!

okay, so you are thinking... what the heck? what does any of this hafta do with treadmills and shoes and melissa gilbert (from little house on the prairie). emoticon . well, i will tell you! emoticon

so, while i was shopping for healthy stuff, i got a text from a friend, who said she had a lead on a used treadmill, and did i want it? DID I WANT IT??? duh, YES! as a gift to me, she paid for it! so, now i have a used treadmill emoticon (proform, seems to work pretty well) i was wondering how i was gonna walk for this winter! praise be to God! he answered my prayer!

shoes, well, i needed new walking/running shoes emoticon , and my mom got me a pair, for my birthday! so, now i have new shoes! again, praise be to God!

and then... da, da, da!!!!! i saw melissa gilbert and her husband walking downtown, in my town that i live in! emoticon now, that might not mean much to you, but i LOVE "little house on the prairie". i have the whole series (all the seasons) on dvd! i can watch the first 2 minutes of any episode and tell you what one it is! ANYway, there she was, just walking downtown! i was riding in the car, and it wouldn't matter anyway, i would never approach her, unless it was okay. i don't want to be a pain. but can you believe it??? i saw one of my most beloved tv stars just walking around!

so many emotional things going on, i just started tearing up... goodness, what a day i have had! a new (well, new to ME) treadmill, new walking shoes, AND catching a glimpse of "half-pint". i mean no disrespect, but HOW COOL IS THAT??? emoticon

anyway, God hasn't shown me what to do about a car yet, but he DID give me a bit of a reprieve today!

if i could, i would like to ask for your prayers about what we need to do about a car. some guidance about where to go, and what to do.... and i will continue to praise him for taking care of my needs, of healthy foods, treadmill, shoes, and a glimpse of an actress that i love!

did i mention... it is my 46th birthday tomorrow! besides having my family around me, i don't need anything more for my birthday! emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Happy belated birthday, and thank you so much for writing this. I related to your love of milk duds. I've avoided movies with my kids because those dastardly candies call to me from the lobby for hours....

    Your attitude is great. One step back, take two steps forward!
    1616 days ago
    emoticon My dear friend...I loved this blog, because just like a good book it had some setbacks and sad parts in the beginning, but the main character kept it together, didn't let anything get her down, and had an amazing experience at the end...I bet in the sequel she finds a solution to the car problem!!! I will keep reading to find out, but in the meantime am sending good and positive thoughts your way!!

    Hooray on the emoticon

    1625 days ago
    emoticon Wow, I am impressed by your ability to take charge and turn a bad situation around. Good for you on taking that walk and talking that talk!

    Oh, and happy birthday!

    (And btw, I too loved watching the little house on the prairie growing up.)
    1625 days ago
    emoticon How awesome!
    Isn't it amazing how things work out the way they do. So this theory 'paying it forward' really does work. You're a really great cool person and love your personality which makes us smile every time. And I bet all others who come into your life also are very lucky to have you in their lives. I know we are.
    Your metabolism is already high from stressing so much so I wouldn't worry about fast food right now. Your body demanded that particular food for it's energy. Remember all in moderation. As long as you don't continue to enjoy fast food, you should be fine.
    And I'm sorry things are tough right now but it's only temporary and will get better. You just have to believe that and remain positive. Hang in there.
    Enjoy your birthday. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Leader - 40 Somethings with 25-49 lbs to lose
    Leader - 40 Somethings Walking Fitness Workout Team
    1625 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Happy Birthday a day early!
    I am happy that you have new shoes and a used treadmill. That is awesome.
    Don't beat yourself up over the McDonalds, sounds like you did great by going for a walk and talking over the issues with your husband.
    It does sound like God is always there and provides somehow. I am praying for you and your family that you find the $500 somewhere, and you are able to fix your car.
    It is stressful when there just isn't enough money, I will pray for you all to find your way. With a great family surrounding you, you will make it. Prayers and blessing a many going your way!
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow.
    Hugs, Holly emoticon
    1625 days ago
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