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I have a ? for you...

Saturday, September 07, 2013

I have question for you...

You know how women have "HOT" flashes? Well, I never did have them... BUT,,,

I have been having "COLD" flashes.... Do you have any idea what could cause them? I understand they blame hormones for the "HOT" ones.

I will feel fine, normal warm... then all of a sudden I feel like someone turned the air-conditioning on full blast and I am chilled to the bone. After a while I warm back up again, or I just get distracted and forget about being chilly.

Ever heard of anyone else having this problem? If so, did they find a cure? or just learn to live with it?


I pulled this quote from a book I am reading... a silly, fun story.... and said to myself... I feel this way too.

ďI never want to be so down that my friends canít tell me the amazing stuff thatís going on in their lives.Ē

Astor, Rachel (2011-04-03). Bridesmaid Lotto (McMaster the Disaster) (Kindle Locations 3552-3553). . Kindle Edition.

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
STONECOT 9/8/2013 4:49AM

    Yes, I used to get cold flushes at menopause. I would be sweaty, but freezing! My husband said it was like being in bed with a seal! It used to feel like I was about to faint! It stopped as the menopause died off.

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IMAVISION 9/8/2013 12:59AM

    I never faced dealing with hot flashes & have never heard of cold flashes.

I wish you well in figuring out what is going on for you.

God bless!

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JANIEWWJD 9/8/2013 12:34AM

    That's interesting!!! I had never heard of anyone having cold flashes!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LJCANNON 9/8/2013 12:08AM

    emoticon Definitely have Cold Flashes, although not nearly as bad as what many women suffer from. I will put on a Sweater or jacket, then in just a few minutes I am taking it off again, LOL! I have learned to ask everyone else if they are Hot or Cold before I start changing the Thermostat or opening doors and windows, LOL!!

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A_BIT_AT_A_TIME 9/7/2013 11:53PM

    Thyroid issue is the first thing that comes to my mind - if it happens a lot maybe time to see a doctor. emoticon

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FIT4MEIN2013 9/7/2013 10:10PM

    I had one hot flash...I think. I didn't recognize it at the time. I am cold ALWAYS and would sometimes welcome a hot flash.

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MILLISMA 9/7/2013 8:08PM

    My body temp is lower the average and I tend to feel cold. I had never had hot flashes but when they put me on Tamoxifen for 5 years, I had terrible nights sweats that even being cold didn't help. I prefer being cold.

Felt like fall here today but was a glorious day. Had errands to run this afternoon so didn't get anything done outside and did housecleaning in the AM. I need to mow also but might not get to it until Monday. Oh well, it will just be a little longer. lol Have a great weekend and just enjoy yourself.

hugs...Mary Anne

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NINETOZE 9/7/2013 7:24PM

    Hi, I'm not near menopause but I get cold/chills when everyone else is comfortable. I had thyroid issues for a while. I've had my thyroid taken out now but it regulates your body temperature among other things. I still get cold a lot. I always have a jacket close by and a couple blankets on the couch.
Hope you can figure it out.

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IMAYARNIE 9/7/2013 6:16PM

    I don't have the cold "flashes". Sometimes I wish I did. I always run much warmer than anyone, so when I get a flash, I'm super hot. I haven't had much trouble in the night lately but I used to wake up and have to change my nightgown and pillow because everything was wet. emoticon

A friend of mine swore by that Black Cohosh that POETLKNG2LOSE just mentioned before me. She said when she started taking that it seemed all of her "symptoms" lessened or went away completely. I haven't tried it but it sounds worth a try.

And don't you just LOVE your Kindle?????!!!!!!!

Pattie emoticon

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POETLKNG2LOSE 9/7/2013 6:10PM

    Hi Audra;
i have that too it is all part of the menopause women have; they call it chills. But lately all i get are night sweats or hot flashes during the day. You could try to take Black Cohosh and see if that helps; otherwise cover up with something until it goes away.

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MISSDAISY23 9/7/2013 6:03PM

    Hi Audra, emoticon

I have both hot and cold flashes! I thought I was the only one with the cold one like you describe it here. I just put on sweater or cover myself with a blanket. I often wonder if there is a remedy for it. Hope someone here can help us.

Thank you for sharing quote from a book you are reading! Have a wonderful weekend! emoticon emoticon


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