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New physical therapist today...she wondered how I manage...

Saturday, September 07, 2013

I sometimes wonder that myself, but I have never given up working all these years and returned to work in relatively short periods of time after all my surgeries, etc. My Chart lists 23 diagnoses and I thought of a couple more that are not listed, so just to round it out, there are 25 or more (no wonder the therapist was amazed to see a pretty normal looking patient walk into the office).

I have a friend at work who says I should donate my body to science so they could observe so many diseases, conditions in one cadaver. When she says this we both laugh...it is some dark humor.

My latest problem is regarding swallowing and after my first swallowing evaluation by a speech therapist I have been put on a Level 3 dysphagia diet and I think if I can give up sweets I might actually be able to lose weight on this diet. My number 1 favorite and my weight nemesis is ice cream which is not on the okay list. I noticed there are few raw foods especially fruits with skins (like grapes, apples) and just about all vegetables which are not allowed, also. No dry foods like crackers (I figured this out myself) and no nuts (which I also figured out because of a choking problem when trying to eat them. I probably will still have to have a barium swallow and/or fluoroscopy to see if an abdominal hernia is causing problems (I had the hernia repaired about a year ago but it has recurred) and also another possibility is my GERD which seems to be flaring up lately with a bitter taste in my mouth, especially in the morning when I wake up. I had even forgotten about the reflux because I have not really had heartburn, but instead have a soreness in my mouth instead of the burning in the throat like in the past. So anyhow, I hope the change in diet and taking the ranitidine again help.
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