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Change in Life plans!

Friday, September 06, 2013

Well, after more and more heart surgery is the only other option...or keep going as I have been!

Even then....I am not a good candidate for it, as the rheumatic fever I had as a kid had done a lot of damage. I have other health problems to be considered in the overall picture too.

However, I laughed, when the Dr looked quizzically at me and asked..."How did you make it this far, for this long?" Guess I have been doing some things right, after all, and with the encouragement of SparkPeople have greatly expanded my nutritional knowledge.

One thing I learned from an email or internet....if you suspect you are having a heart attack, do

1: cough hard continually and
2: keep breathing deeply...
to keep the oxygen flowing till the pain subsides. Then get to a Dr or Hospital immediately to be checked out!

Dr feels that knowledge which I used greatly that day, kept me from going into a major heart attack, rather than the minor one that took place!

I thought of Deuteromy 30:19....I put before you life and death: choose life.

Then, the thought came that there are 2 ways of living......
1: to live life to the fullest you are capable of, in a happy frame of mind, or
2: give up like so many in the nursing homes and exist til the end!

Well, at this moment, I have chosen not to have the operation, and live by #1. The operation is only expected to give me another year or two extra, anyway, and I don't feel the agony and pain of it is worth only that much extra time. To say nothing about a possible allergic reaction to the drugs....(I don't do allopathic drugs very well at any time!) and by then it might be too late.

I know the first specialist i had quite a few years ago almost killed me with his pushing Crestor after my telling him why I could not take Lipitor! Thank God for a full pot of fresh coffee those two days! It diluted the drug and stopped the paralysis, which crept from my feet, up my legs and awfully close to my heart. Had I not had the coffee made and would have been game over! (This was before the warnings that for some people, they could be very negative!)

And then to find out the problem was not even cholesterol.....I was only border line high at the time. I firmly believe everybody has their personal level that is required on a daily basis. The charts can be a guide....but are not gods!

Now that I am not nearly as active....I find I am even hungrier. Most of my life I have felt like I was starving.....regardless of how much or how healthy I eat! Water does not fill me up.....just makes my feet swell even more!

Wish some day soon.....I could feel satisfied with my food and not want to constantly eat! I am well past those "lean years" when food was scarce! Not that I ever went without, like in some countries....just did not have much!

Cleaned out the refrigerator freezer this morning, and started sorting the top shelf of the upright. Was pleased to find all wholesome foods there! Often I stick leftovers from parties in the freezer, that others have brought in...for treats! Guess I have been enjoying them that day, but pretty conscientious in sending the leftovers back home with people!

Well, I'd better get dressed and go for a walk to the mailbox, and get some fresh air! Winter is coming much too soon so I must enjoy the time now.....There is a definite autumn chill in the air today and this is only the first part of Sept!

Oh....I am down 9 lbs from my top weight on that crazy diet! Yeah!

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  • SPARKI3 was just delivered! Know what I will be doing for the next few days!
    1652 days ago
    Thanks Livelygirl2....I have phoned our local Chapters/Amazon store and have a paperback on hold for my daughter to pick up later today!

    1652 days ago
    Thank you JSTETSER and LIVELYGIRL2 for your comments. I will check out those websites too. I am very into Holistic health....through necessity!

    10 years ago, I was told I had 3-6 months to live.....and I am still here! Thanks to God directing my living!

    1652 days ago
    Thank you for your post. I learned a lot!
    1652 days ago
    Have you checked into Dr. Dean Ornish. Some have used his suggestions, that they said couldn't be helped.

    We have a medical library that also have some of Dr. Julian Whittaker and others that are more holistic. emoticon
    1652 days ago
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