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Soccer Season & being a soccer Mom...

Friday, September 06, 2013

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Hello, I know this isn't my norm for Blogging, but I was thinking last night and this morning and feeling over whelmed and stressed, so felt if I posted it, it might help me some.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a wife, Mommy, and right now, a Soccer Mom! It's the best, but some days I just wish I could stop and breath!
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My day of being a (Soccer) Mom...
* Up early
* get my cubs up and ready for school (Yes, Papabear is still resting and on his own here!)
* The oldest cub is great and does all he needs to do. (Thank-you!)
* The youngest cub, not so lucky. He's the one you have to stand over and repeatedly say "get up, shower, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, take care of the Guinea Pigs, do you have your lunch? Home work? Shoes on? One more time... did you brush your teeth? Yeah, he usually didn't yet.
* Time to get on the bus... make sure he's there waiting because they can be 5 minutes early or late!
* I get sort of a break, now just worry about work.
* Then school is out.
* oldest cub is usually at his game or practice right after school. So good there. Until he calls and says he forgot his water and it's SO hot out! Yes, I pack everyone up and head to the field to deliver that water!
* The youngest cub is now off the bus and home.
* again, everyday I have to say... unpack your lunch, do you have home work? Yes You can have a snack. Your snack is whatever you picked, I don't remember!?!! Are you working on home work? PUT THE PIGS BACK TILL HOMEWORK IS DONE! No playing, just get that home work done! DO YOUR HOMEWORK, tonight you have a game.
* Finally we might have homework done or almost done, but we have to go pick up the older cub.
* now we have bickering or fooling around with them both.
* make sure the oldest showers and starts his home work.
*... don't forget to start dinner in between this all....
* Get dinner on the table
* Go over the evening schedule with Hubby while finishing up dinner
* search for the missing soccer sock? Ball? Shirt? Whatever it is today.
* Go over the evening schedule for hubby again!
* Leave to game, hope you have everything for you and everyone else!
* REST DURING THE GAME! But also cheer your heart out for that little cub you love bunches!
* get home... make sure he now showers! Yes, I have to remind them after a sweaty game you have to shower!
* Get sweaty clothes in the washer / then dryer
* Make sure BOTH have done home work!
* clean up the dishes Papabear promised he'd do while you went potty before the game, but was never done. Now all stuck on and gross.
* clean up kitchen, livingroom, make sure all is set for tomorrow (like searching for little cubs lunch box, etc.).
* Finally get to sit and rest... maybe log in your day on SP... when you get "Oh, since you're not busy Mom / Missy, can you..." from one of the cubs or Hubby. Of course you deal with it / take care of whatever you have to.
* Back to sitting and you go to do something for you and hubby sits down in the chair and grabs the remote to put on some stupid movie he has seen 50+ times and you try to talk to him.... he doesn't listen... because he's just so into this movie (again, he has seen PLENTY of times, but can't miss one scene to listen to you)... so you give up and just try to concentrate on something else and feel very alone!
* You get ready for bed
* Hubby gets ready for bed too and gets into telling you his whole day
* all you want to do is sleep, but listen to him.
* Now you're wide awake as he snores right beside you and you watch the hours go by knowing you get to wake up in a few hours to just do it all again...
And you know what, even after all that happened today, you're happy to see those three BOYS again and start your day tomorrow with a smile.

Why you ask... Because you're the MOMMY!!!

Thanks for letting me vent! I know I could have to deal with so much worst (like health issues, etc.) so I'm not complaining, just releasing it to start my next day! And that next day, both cubs have games almost at the same time and now Hubby told you he has joined an adult soccer league and their games are on Tuesdays... wish you let him know Tuesdays are the worst days since both cubs have games and in different places and usually at the same time! Your eyes are bugging out and you can feel your whole body freaking out inside and he says... "Don't worry, it'll be fine." Yup, it will because God is good and will help me... 'cause now I know Hubby won't be around and he's the man I can lean on (God)... hee hee. Honestly, don't know how it will be okay, but I'll take it day by day. I have 5 days to get ready for that next Tuesday...and yes, all 5 days there is soccer, school, church meetings, play dates, cleaning the house, and MAYBE some Mommy resting time!

Have a great day, again, thanks for listening / reading! HUGS!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post:
DANLIN60 9/11/2013 11:02AM

    And you wonder why you have tummy aches my sweet baby might be burning yourself out the way I burnt myself out by being a workaholichic and look what happed to me? please take some Mommy time , run away sometimes, I like the sticking the sticky notes to PapaBear forehead above even though I love Papa Bear with all my heart.



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FLORIDASUN 9/7/2013 8:32AM

    Holy cow...dear one! You are doing a GREAT job...but it's always okay to ask for help from Papa Bear...after all...he's had a hand in creating these two little cubs right?

You do things out of love...but you have to learn to leave just a little bit of Missy time in there...if momma bear burns out...what the heck will the cubs and papa do then?

Men NEVER get have to be direct and say "I'm overwhelmed...I need you to do this, this, and this to help me. Then write it down on a sticky and stick it to papa bear's forehead..that MIGHT least for a week or two. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LESSOFMOORE 9/6/2013 9:42PM

    God bless you, dear niece!
Auntie Cyndie

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68ANNE 9/6/2013 8:00PM

    Thanks for telling us!

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ADRIENALINE 9/6/2013 1:14PM

    How do we all do it, but we do!

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ALICIA214 9/6/2013 11:25AM


Oh that brings back memories!! Soldier on Mom emoticon

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