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Friday, September 06, 2013

I usually say "Kicker," but I wanted to talk about the ticker on SP. I like that there are many options of tickers to use. They could still use some more tickers, like if a person is trying to manage their moods and cravings or if they want to share days off bad habits (or do they have that and I'm talking about that because I think I saw it?)

It's a little scary to share "Pounds *Shed," (I try not to say lost because I don't really care to FIND IT AGAIN!) I think it's scary because it's hard to acknowledge things got that far. I know there are people in worse situations, but when something hits you as hard as this weight hit me, you might also get a little less altruistic.

I have to look at it, now. I have to say- This is what I have allowed to happen in my experience. The trick is that I have a goal date, SP Has a goal date and it's not quite as in sync as I might let on. Is a year long enough time to reverse something I laxed on for nearly three? Can I develop the discipline to reverse what I've let happen within the seemingly condensed time?

As I've said in response to another blog I posted, Exercise is not as much of an issue for me as improving my eating habits and preferences. I found that I'm basically an Endo-Mesomorph (Meaty Muscle-bound body types. I pick up a weight and watch out! I can't wait to clear space to do ab work!) But adjusting my eating... That could be tricky.

Difficult, I'm saying- Not impossible! This is where the discipline will need to grow. I tried going vegetarian (for what I think was the third time in my life) and it lasted less than a month. I don't think I'm in the right place for such a change. That might have been a bit drastic for my current situation.

And looking at that ticker and the date suggested... It just makes me wonder if I have enough time to configure healthy eating to where I am in my life and in my environs. Do I have enough time to work my mind into a better frame to readjust my tastes and practices?

Should I even worry about that and just see what happens as I go? Is the ticker daunting to others? I think it will be helpful once I get deeper into the swing of changing my life, I just can't see it as such, where I am. It's a pretty big thing for such a small strip on a webpage. emoticon
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