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A lesson in consistency from a friend

Friday, September 06, 2013

Years ago someone asked me "Would you take financial advice from someone who is broke?" Of course the answer is no, and since then I've been applying that question to virtually all areas of my life. After getting fed up with all the different, conflicting diet rules, I have started observing people who are thin and trying to identify their secrets.

I have a new friend who I've been getting to know over the past month. She's the mother of my son's school friend. We went to the beach this week with our families and I got to know her a little better. She has a thin figure, not particularly athletic looking, with some cellulite and a bit of a stomach pooch. In other words, normal. She doesn't belong to a gym, and when we talk about food or cooking I've never heard her say she restricts anything from her diet. On the contrary when we were together she ate ice cream with everyone else and until yesterday I assumed she was just 'one of those' women who are naturally thin with a high metabolism.

What's her secret? Yesterday we were talking about soccer registration for the boys and she said 'oh yes, I need to fill out that document, I'll do it tonight on the bike.' Of course I jumped on that and asked what do you mean 'on the bike'? She told me that she rides the stationary bike for an hour every night after dinner and that's when she fills out forms, answers kid's homework questions and organizes her life. Every night? Yes, every night. She says she's been doing it for years and now if she misses a night she doesn't feel right. She shrugged 'it's just a habit.' No big deal.

No big deal for her, but a lesson for me. I lack consistency, it's my major problem. If I could develop a habit like that AND STICK TO IT then maybe I wouldn't have to weigh and measure all the time, worry about carbs-no carbs and all the other rules, and pay money on a gym membership. I have a stationary bike. It's in the garage. Could it be I have the secret to diet success already? I'm going to try. Tonight will be the first night of my new habit. Wish me luck!
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