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Thursday, September 05, 2013

So, first... spectacular news! The nephrology office finally called to schedule an appointment. Over the course of making the appointment, the lady I was speaking with said my labs look good. She said there are 3 things they check, and all of them are in the normal range. But... she made an appointment for me anyway. So I guess I still need to see the dr? I dunno. Anyway, my appointment is on the 24th, so less that the 6 months past forever I was expecting.

I also got some not so great news. I got my test results from the blood work I had done last week. I didn't understand any of it except 3 things: 1) My A1C, which was ridiculously high, 2) My cholesterol, which was high and 3) My triglycerides, which were ridiculously high. Not surprisingly, the doctor included a note that she was giving me a referral to an endo to work with for my diabetes. Who didn't see that coming? So happens that the appointment with the endo is also on the 24th. Which sounds like it might be convenient, except that they are literally on opposite sides of the city. Probably about an hour and a half drive between the two. So that's gonna be fun.

I was pretty upset about the results from my tests, and was sitting here feeling like something of a ticking time bomb. Will it be stroke? Will it be heart attack? After sitting here like that for a little while, I said to myself... welp, you can sit here on your @ss and worry... or you can get up and go for a walk and do something that might actually help. Against my nature, I chose getting up and doing something productive. I had planned to skip my workout today, but after the results, I laced up my shoes and got out there. 20 minutes. The weather wasn't too bad. Lovely in the shade, but pretty hot in the sun. Not unbearable, though.

Food has gone fine today. Nothing exciting. I made roast with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies for dinner. Either it was really good, or I was really hungry. Maybe both. But it was a success! Oh, and pumpkin flavored cream cheese? Yes please! It's full fat, so I only used a little bit, but holy crap is it good! It tastes like pumpkin cheesecake. And I love pumpkin and cheesecake. So... yeah, good stuff!

Today was grocery shopping day, also. I made a menu and a careful shopping list yesterday. With the exception of a few things, I stuck entirely to my list. That saved some money! And dh didn't want to drag me out by my ear for buying everything that catches my fancy. We had to hit 2 stores. Big 'uns. But one is cheaper in general, and the other had stuff on sale cheaper, so there you have it. I didn't get too much in the way of fresh produce. I got some cabbage, mushrooms, potatoes, Asian pears and plums. I didn't need much fresh stuff for recipes this week, and although I could eat my weight {Whoa!} in fruit, it's not a great idea for my blood sugar. I figured it best to only buy a couple things. And there was this in the store...

Fall is really coming! Yay!

It's 9:15 and I have about an hour left til bedtime. I'm hungry, but not starving. I am having a debate with myself, though. Should I eat now and fill my belly, in the hopes of not waking up and eating in the middle of the night? Or would that make no difference, and I'd wake up and eat anyway? Why is my body so damned uncooperative? However, on the suggestion of a fellow Sparker, if I wake up hungry, I am going to check my blood sugar and be sure everything is okay. I'm fairly sure it's just a mental thing, and that the only cure is to break the habit. But it can't hurt to make sure there's nothing physiological going on.

Hope everyone has had a great Thursday!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I had the same kind of health reality check - sucks to get the news, but better than when it's too late to fix it, and SO awesome that it motivated you to get out and walk.

    I discovered podcasts recently, random note - you may enjoy them on your walks if you're able to download them to your phone or some kind of device. I'm fortunate to have a fancy schmanzy phone for work so that's what I do - makes the walks more interesting, the beautiful beauty is not thrilling every day, believe it or not :)
    1660 days ago
    Wow you are really doing good things here - the planning and the walking - of course there will be those times - I think it's not about not having them, it's about not letting them break you! Good job!

    1660 days ago
    Try stocking up on healthier snacks for your midnight snacking. That sounds like your main problem, so trying to decrease problems with that could help you out a whole lot. Sounds like you have a lot to motivate you to better yourself and become a healthier woman, so I wish you the absolute best, and truly believe you can make it happen (:
    1660 days ago
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