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August Recap

Thursday, September 05, 2013

I cannot believe that it is already September. Time flies when you are busy! August was a good month, I feel like I am swamped at work but a lot of things are coming together.

As a quick recap of progress over the month and for the year so far:

1) Long term weight goal - I am continuing to maintain in the 180-185 lbs range, generally. I weigh in daily and had a few days over and a few days under that range. After classes started and I was on my feet a lot more, I noticed that I have been dropping towards the lower end of that range. I am happy where I am, though I would like to migrate down to the 175-180 (or even 170-175) range.

2) Eating has been better after the binge I was on during vacation and moving. It is good to be settled and able to shop and cook and pack lunches so I can control what I consume a bit better. When we eat out, I don't make the best eating choices, which is fine if it is infrequent, but not that great if if is on a regular basis.

3) Exercise - I had a dental procedure at the end of July, and the sutures caused me to miss running the first week of Aug. Despite that, I managed to get in 85 miles of running, 60 miles of road biking, and about 60 miles of bike commuting over the month. Plus at work, we have started our intramural ultimate season with 1-3 games a week at lunch time. We have a good balanced team and have started the season 4-1 with wins against history, english, systems engineering, and the department of military instruction, and our sole loss to the math department. On my long term goal to run 1,000 miles this year, I am up to 674 miles as of the end of Aug (up to 686 as of 5 Sep). Which is on track. If I average 20 miles per week for the remainder of the year, I will make it.

4) Work - So I started teaching around 20 Aug and am now 6 lessons into the semester. It is nice to be back, I like my class and my students. What I forgot was all the other stuff that goes along with the teaching including prep, making problem sets and solutions, grading homework, scheduling time to help lost students, as well as serving on committees, managing a budget, serving on funeral details, getting research writing done. I am finding that the biggest challenges being back are not in the classroom, but outside the classroom and trying to be as efficient as I can so that I can get what I need to done and still have a family life (and get in some fitness too!).

Busy, busy, busy. I am not complaining though! It is a good busy, not an overly stressful busy.

Our two oldest have just started school at their new school (a 5 min walk around the corner from our house), which has been helpful for my DW, a SAHM of 4. Although the two younger ones are the ones that require the most attention, it does help her to have two less at home to worry about.

Take care, Sparkfriends! Hope that you continue to progress towards meeting your goals!
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