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Modified Goal Weight . . . HHHHhhhhhmmmmm

Thursday, September 05, 2013

I've just changed my goal weight from 118 to 123.

I'm pretty sure that I'm thinking about this topic prematurely. I'm also pretty sure that my exact goal weight number is not even knowable until I reach the top of healthy BMI range, but, oh well. It's fun.

My reason for posting a higher number for goal is that I not only want to be thin but also muscular. I am coming to accept the fact that a muscular me is going to weigh more than a simply thin me. In my head, I have glorified being under 120 pounds for so long because I associate it with the "thin me" that I was ten years ago. However, not only am I ten years older now (and thus some things will be different), but I am also desiring a much more muscular physique than I've had previously.

I'd like to come up with some mental technique to help me break out of my emotional response to weighing under 120.

A work in progress am I. A work in progress.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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  • GHK1962
    Uhm...sorry if I tend to ramble a lot ... I am kinda like that.

    1628 days ago
  • GHK1962
    Modifying and being flexible with your goals can be a good thing. Our priorities and needs often shift, if we miss a goal, resetting them is good too. And just...we might ‘want’ to change them...and that is okay aswell.

    With regards to the BMI ... it has it’s uses ... but as you start to exercise more, and especially as you increase your muscle mass, the BMI # becomes less of a gauge on health. BMI is a good general indicator when nothing else is known. Once you start becoming active, likely one of the better indicators will be your body fat composition (normally done via caliper measurements at various parts of the body).

    I’m also glad you’re wanting to get toned as well as losing weight. That likely means some strength training in your future. *yahh*

    With strength training, your muscle mass grows while the body fat drops. A lot of people get freaked that their weight has not dropped to what they think as they start strength training ... but as muscle is heavier than fat ... that is the reason. You’ll even get to a point where you lose very little weight or no weight, and people start commenting on your weight loss...all the while you are thinking, “I have not loss anything in over 2 weeks!” During that time what will be happening is that your body will start to change a lot... same weight, but slimmer face, more toning, etc. It’s an odd thing indeed ... but good.

    And ... works in progress are always good. I think it’s kinda cool that we never reach our goals...but that we keep striving towards them....and making newer ones when we get to our initial ones.

    You are doing well I think!

    1628 days ago
    Also remember that there is no such thing as an "exact" goal weight... weight isn't a static number, it's a vital sign, so even once you reach your goal weight, you'll fluctuate within a normal, healthy range of around 5 l bs or so as a matter of course.
    1628 days ago
  • MARF226
    Only think about it if it makes you happy. Don't think about it if it's stressful or worrying you. I have nearly hit my weight from 10 years ago (college "skinny me" days) and it's not the same now. I would still like to lose another 5 or so pounds but my body is just different than it was then. And that's okay because I know I'm stronger than I've ever been. I know I'm smarter and more mindful of what I eat and my exercise and habits in general. So I think it's a win!! Whatever your goal weight ends up being -- emoticon
    1629 days ago
    I would rather be strong than thin ... strength will stand you in good stead when you're 80 and trying to push your vacuum cleaner around!!

    1629 days ago
    Makes sense to me. I have found it is more a matter of setting the goal but knowing it will likely be modified. Nothing wrong with re-evaluating what you want and how to get there. Sounds to me like you have a pretty smart way of looking at it.
    1629 days ago
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