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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Spent 48hours awake the last two days (slept like a log last night) mostly due to taking 1 pill of the Wellbutrin. Yes I know it is supposed to be a mild stimulant. I mean "mild" stimulant. Now I know why I stopped taking it the last time. But I shall endure because the benefits out way the side effects. God I am super sensitive to everything. I was told once to take 1 large dose pill of niacin and I turned red as a lobster (post boiling water emoticon ). Yes, I was they call a HSP, (Highly Sensitive Person), by Elain Aron in her book by the same name. Get overstimulated way to fast. So I have to be in the mood to deal with things like crowds, highway traffic, ext cetera. It is really not that bad but I trying to make a point. emoticon . Any who.
Tried to fix my lawn mower. I had hit a stone and bent the mower blade. I worked 2 days trying to get the retaining blot unstuck finally with success. Went to start it and white smoke came out of the exhaust until I thought neighbors might have thought I was trying burning down the house again. So now I have to give in a take it over to my brother's house to get fixed which he told me to do in the first place. He knows better than to let me try to fix stuff. He doesn't even hesitate to say "don't!" emoticon .
I am a bit nervous as I have another job interview today at a fancy place across town. But if I meant to get the job I will. I will do another meditation before I go to relax and boost my confidence a bit. Usually once they get me talking they can't shut me up. So wish my luck. All my best, Keith
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