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Four weeks Primal Blueprint down 8 pounds

Thursday, September 05, 2013

28 days ago I started eating Primal. I have cut out all grains and switched to coconut sugar in my coffee and have stayed away from processed foods and foods with added sugar. I cut out milk, which I pretty much had anyway. Discovered American cheese hurts my stomach, but cheddar is good.

I always thought giving up bread would be impossible. Its not, its just like any other bad habit, you just pay attention to what you're doing and stop doing the bad habit.

I realize how much grain products have become the main staple of food in our country. My shopping is all about the outside aisles, produce, meat and some Greek yogurt, unsweetened almond milk, butter and frozen fruits & veggies, and thats it!
The rest of the store is boxed processed food.

I'm finding it frighteningly easy to eat this way. It kind of boggles my mind because changing my eating in the past has always been such a struggle, the new eating plan always came with a lot of hassle, separate meals from the rest of the family, eating out was a chore and I would get frustrated and give up.

This is simple. Its taken some effort to make sure I'm just eating plain meat and vegetables if eating out but its not crazy hard.

My energy levels are AWESOME! Ever since my strokes and the diagnoses of central nervous system vasculitis in 1999, I have been fighting this dragging exhaustion most every day, I got so sick of feeling tired and having to nap sometimes, and just feeling blah.

Now I'm up before 6 am and go all day. Love it!

I have not really "exercised". Since my energy is good I have been cleaning a lot, going in the pool and treading water and swimming around for like an hour.

I've done a couple 2 mile walks, but that's it.

There is an exercise portion to PB but I've just glanced at it. I am going to get to that later, right now focusing of the food aspect.

I had my doubts going into this, figured it was a lot of hype, a fad diet.

For ME personally, removing grains from my diet is the thing I've been looking for all my life, the magic pill that makes my fat disappear and makes me feel great. The holy grail!

Losing 8 pounds in one month might not seem like a lot of weight to some, but for me, a 46 year old premenopausal woman with a messed up metabolism from years of yo-yo dieting and years of medication, this is a miracle. The best thing is I love the food I'm eating, its easy and its not expensive. Well it would be if I was buying the grass fed beef but I'm not there yet, Spark People taught me about the baby steps, taking baby steps!

I feel no urge to "cheat", have no cravings for bad food. that empty feeling I used to get where I ate and ate but still felt like something was missing is gone. I don't wander the kitchen looking for something to fill that hole anymore. I'm able to eat the foods I was told not to eat because of fat. Olives, bacon, nuts, butter, all delicious and all PB!

Eating like this is not a hardship. Like any new thing there is a learning curve. But out of ALL the eating plans I've tried, and there have been way too many, PB is by by far the most natural easiest one I've done.

I feel like someone released the emergency brake on my body and I am moving forward effortlessly every day instead of pushing and struggling through the day, fighting my hunger and eating food because its low calorie, low fat, not really ever satisfied and feeling guilty because I don't have the willpower to stick it out and lose the weight.

Hopefully this will continue to work for me. I don't like to ever say "This is it! I'm forever changed!" I feel like I'm jinxing myself. Yes, I am that "The glass is half empty" type of person. All I know is so far this has been painless, the only thing I really miss is my coffee with white sugar. Since I cut our grain and white sugar I crave nothing, not even pizza. Obviously the sugar and carbs are like a gateway drug for me sending me into a vicious cycle of overeating and gaining weight.

I feel like I could be that person who passes on that piece of cheesecake because I truly would rather have fresh fruit instead.

Life is good. I'm going to miss St Petersburg and Treasure Island. I hope Fort Lauderdale is good, don't really like the East coast though.

This is the hot tub at the condo we've been staying at since
June. Well I come and go, the boys stay and work. I've mostly been staying here though, I mean who wouldn't? Its gorgeous! I told the guys to see if they can get a condo on the beach for Ft. Lauderdale then I can do beach walking!

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