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If you have nothing nice to say.........Just a venting rant

Thursday, September 05, 2013

It's been a very hard week emotionally for me. This blog is nothing more than a vent that I desperately need to get off my chest. It has to do with events that have happened outside of this web site, but I have to talk about in order to move on. You don't have to read it, it's more for me than anything.

Tuesday we gave our Buddy up. We didn't sell him, we gave him to a wonderful family. He was my fur baby, the golden fuzz love of my life. So why did we have to give him up? Because my oldest is very allergic to him and the doctor suggested strongly that we do give him up. She was to the point where she couldn't breath at night, even medicated. I feared that she would stop breathing in her sleep.

The decision to give him up was a long thought out decision. We struggled with it, the kids begged, Kendra is racked with guilt over it. However, in the end we had no choice. Buddy had to find a new home where they would be able to give him love the rest of his life.

Before anyone criticizes my family know this, we bent over backward for him when we first got him. We could have easily given him back to the SPCA a year ago when we adopted him. He had major skin issues, we went through all sorts of food choices until we found the raw diet that stopped all his issues. I would be up nights with him because he was throwing up all night when we first got him. We dropped more money than we could afford in the beginning with vet bills because of his health. He was 7, shared my birthday and we fully expected to keep him for the rest of his life. Sadly my daughter's health and well being come before anything else.

It's amazing how criticized we are now that our friends and family know about our decision to adopt Buddy out. He won't end up back in a shelter and he won't be put to sleep, these people don't believe in that. They rescue shelter dogs from being put down. Sadly according to some people we are the devil's spawn and evil humans who treat animals as disposable in their eyes. Buddy wasn't disposed of, he was lovingly given to a home that will love him almost as much as I have in the time we had him.

These people that have thrown their opinions in our face, they have no children, they consider their dogs their children, so they have no idea what it means to walk by your child's room and hear them struggle to breath, wake up so tired that at 8 years old, they can't make it through the day without napping because their nights were spent trying to expel the congestion. They don't know what it's like to explore other options, hoping to keep your fur baby and your child healthy but realizing that keeping her drugged for the rest of the dogs life is not an option, and homeopathic isn't an affordable option. Not when I have to keep both child and dog fed.

You don't agree with my choice as a mother, that's fine. I don't expect the whole world to, but like the old saying goes, if you don't have anything nice to say..............then keep it to yourself. I made a choice for my family's health. I miss my Buddy, the house is so empty without him, he was larger than life and he was my fur baby. I love him so very much.

End of Rant, if you made it this far, you are brave. Thank you
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    I am so sorry you had to give up your fur baby. I had to do the same thing with my puppy leelu. It broke my heart, but we didn't have the resources to care for her properly and she deserved better. I know it must be very hard for you.

    Don't worry what other people think!! They don't know what's in your heart or the truth of the matter. People can be very cruel...don't let them get you down.
    1537 days ago
    I'm sorry you were criticized about this decision. And I'm glad you were able to find a good home for your dog. It's a tough decision and as you said, you made the right choice by not sending him to a shelter.
    1537 days ago
    I know how it is to have to give up your fur baby. Great job for finding him a new home that will love him as you did. It is a tough decision to give up that pet but when it comes to our kids thats what we have to do.
    1537 days ago
    I had to keep reading.

    That anyone would question what you did is reprehensible! Your child couldn't breathe! How could they expect you to do anything differently??!!! Not having children is no excuse for their insensitivity.

    I admire you for what you did and I feel for your daughter.

    1537 days ago
    Big hug. That is such a hard decision to have to make. I especially feel for your daughter who must be feeling so bad about this situation. Just keep reminding yourself that you did all you could do and you found him a new loving home. Good luck.
    1537 days ago
    I've had to rehome a dog, my beagle back in '05. My mom and I still talk about him. I know how gut-wrenching it is. You have my condolences.

    1537 days ago
    It is obvious to me that you love Buddy, and that you hated to give him up. You did do the best thing both for him and for your family and I am sorry that there is anyone in your life that is criticizing your decision. If people would pay as much attention to their own business as they do to other people's business, the world would be a much better place. emoticon
    1537 days ago
    I can so relate. I've had to give up several of my fur-kids along the way. And it tore my heart out each time. I adopted them for life. But sometimes the realities of life circumstances gets in the way.

    There are always those who will criticize and judge us for decisions we make. You did the right thing. And you know it.

    So, consider the source and FLUSH their crap.

    I am sure your heart is still broken because of the decision you were forced to make. (I know mine still breaks when I think about the ones I had to make.)

    Focus on the good things in your life . . . . like an 8 year old who can now have a healthier life.

    1537 days ago
    You had to make a very dificult choice/decision. I, for one, am happy you found him a family instead of making him a rescue's problem. Thank you for doing that.

    I hope you daughter gets past the guilt and your family can move forward.
    1537 days ago
    I had to give my kitties up last year, because I just couldn't afford them AND the dogs. We had gotten them as kittens. The dogs were saved from "friends" who just did not care for them the way they were supposed to. I was HURRRT that I had to make that choice, and I still think of my Periwinkle and Roxy, but I know they needed someone who could afford to give them the care they deserved.

    My mother later got a couple cats from craigslist from a family who dealt with the same things you dealt with Buddy. Perry and Roxy were MY cats and my financial responsibility. When we had a mouse problem after Perry and Roxy moved on, my mother said we needed cats and she'd take on the financial responsibility for vet bills. The lady we got them from was so desperate and hurting so much when she handed them over to us, but what a blessing these new-to-us kitties have been. Buddy is going to be the same for the family you rehomed him to. Give Miss Kendra a huge hug and tell her it is not her fault, and that it is not as if she chose to be allergic. Her life matters. Buddy is in good hands. I wish you all the best.
    1537 days ago
    I know it was a hard choice to make and I am sure you made the best choice for your family. True friends will understand. You are right with your words "if you have nothing nice to say ... keep it to yourself." I agree completely. They have no idea the pain of having to make the choice and are only adding to it.

    While I cannot imagine my life without our puppies, it would be harder to loose one of my children. No one should have to make that choice, however for those who do; you have my admiration.

    Thank you for reminding us of how important it is to have all the facts before we make judgement on someone else. No one else can know how you feel and friends should be supporting you, even if they do not agree with the choice you make. They are not you and therefore cannot know the pain of that choice.
    1537 days ago
    What a hard decision to make. I'm sorry that people choose to impose their opinions on you without understanding what you're going through. You made the choice that was right for you and your family. True friends should support you no matter what.
    1537 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    1537 days ago
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